January 29, 2015

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St. Louis District Lands Bragging Rights in 100-Mile Challenge


Staying active and improving physical fitness means a lot more to some St. Louis district employees than a challenge from Governor Nixon. To these employees it is a natural way of life. Nevertheless, because of their willingness to log their miles, the St. Louis district landed first place in the MoDOT 100-mile challenge.



Kevin Koch, senior construction inspector, logged more than 5,400 miles on the MoDOT 100-mile challenge. The majority of his miles came from bicycling and the rest from hiking and cardio workouts.

“Cycling is typically a solo sport so this was the first time I was able to contribute my efforts towards a team goal. Even though I normally accumulate high mileage every year, this challenge motivated me to do a little extra,” said Koch.


Barry Bergman, senior engineering professional, logged more than 3300 miles. Like Koch, the majority of his miles came from bicycling and the rest from walking/jogging. Bergman is also the winner of the St. Louis Blues tickets from the raffle in the challenge.

 “It was great to see the St. Louis district put in all of the effort to meet this challenge. I am very proud to be a part of this great accomplishment,” said Bergman.

The St. Louis district logged more than 26,000 miles for the challenge. The district will also receive a plaque for all of the hard work the employees put into winning first place in the MoDOT 100-mile challenge.  


Safety Employee of Month Goes Above and Beyond for Safer Roads

Thanks to the quick actions of Chad Engemann, St. Charles County motorists evaded a potential road hazard last month. Engemann detected an icy road, immediately forewarned motorists and treated the road. His actions have earned him Safety Employee recognition for December.

Engemann Safety Emp of Month

Chad Engemann (Center) receives safety recognition at the SL staff meeting from District Engineer Greg Horn (left) and Safety & Health Manager Lisa Lamons (right) on Jan. 27.

While traveling on a rural route in St. Charles County, Engemann, a construction inspector, noticed an Oats transportation bus in front of him fishtail. Immediately another vehicle on the road did the same. Engemann realized that there was black ice on the road. He instantly activated his warning lights and got out of his vehicle to assess the road. He notified customer service to report the location and was told that maintenance was currently handling other calls and could not come right away.

Engemann quickly assessed the area and spotted a feed store nearby. He walked over to the store, with his own money purchased two bags of rock salt and spread it over the black ice on the road.  He stayed to monitor the road to ensure that the salt was effective.

“Chad went the extra mile in identifying a safety issue and taking care of it. He clearly acted out the ‘My customers are safe’ MoDOT safety competency,” said Lisa Lamons, district safety & health manager.

In addition to the recognition, Engemann will receive a safety PPE bag, two hours of paid time off and a Safety Employee of the Month certificate.


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Customer Relations Manager
St. Louis District

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