April 9, 2015

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Employees Recognized for Going Above and Beyond
Johnny Kevin Skip

(l to r) Johnny Hughes, Kevin Evans and Skip Alexander recently stepped in to assist stranded motorists along I-55. Their actions were greatly appreciated, and the customers they assisted contacted MoDOT to express their gratitude.

Safety on our roadways is an important part of the job for MoDOT employees every day. This spring, three MoDOT employees helped customers on Interstate 55, and those customers took the time to thank our employees.

The first note came to us from Cal Crader, a Sikeston resident, thanking us for helping his wife. Senior Construction Inspectors, Kevin Evans and Johnny Hughes stopped to give Mrs. Crader a helping hand:

My wife Valerie and I live in Sikeston. She had a tire blow-out today on I-55 NB, near MM 73 in Scott County on her way to Cape Girardeau.

Shortly after the incident two MODOT employees stopped to check on her and ended up providing assistance with installing the spare tire, loading the flat tire in her trunk and getting her on her way quickly and safely.

They went above and beyond what was required in that circumstance.

She didn’t get their names, but we wanted to say thank you to them again for their assistance today.   



Cal Crader, P.E.

Project Engineer/Manager
Schneider Electric of St. Louis, LLC


The second note came from Joel Guiling from Cape Girardeau, Mo., who wanted to thank Harry “Skip” Alexander, Electrician:


On Sunday morning [March 29, 2015] on my way to church, I had a flat tire going north on Interstate 55.

Before I could make a decision, your employee, Skip Alexander, had returned to help me with my problem.

He is a very nice gentleman. I’m sure he makes an excellent employee. I’m so glad that we still have people like him in our country.



Joel Guiling


Thanks to caring employees like Kevin, Johnny and Skip, MoDOT continues to provide Outstanding Customer Service every day!
Local Schools Cash In on Buckling Up
Bernie High School Receives Top Honors with 100 Percent Seat Belt Use
Bernie High School
Bernie High School received top honors with 100 percent seat belt usage during the Battle of the Belt Challenge. An assembly was held at Bernie High School March 12, with guest speaker Penny Lorenz, Assistant Director of ThinkFirst Missouri.

Missouri schools took the challenge to buckle up and made it click with students. Across the state, 105 schools participated in the 2014 Battle of the Belt Challenge-a competition to raise seat belt use among teens. In Southeast Missouri, 23 schools participated in the challenge.

Participating schools launched two surprise seat belt checks at each school to measure student seat belt use before and after an educational campaign. In addition, schools had the opportunity to submit a 30-second video spot to encourage their peers to buckle up.

Bernie High School received top honors with 100 percent seat belt usage during the Battle of the Belt Challenge. In addition to having the highest overall percentage among Southeast Missouri schools, Bernie High School was one of only eight schools across the state to achieve 100 percent usage.

An assembly was held at Bernie High School March 12, with guest speaker Penny Lorenz, Assistant Director of ThinkFirst Missouri. Sharee Galnore of Team Spirit and Sandy Taurone of the Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety awarded the school a Gold Banner and $500 check from American Family Insurance during the assembly.  

During the 2014 challenge, East Prairie High School was named Most Improved in the Southeast District with a 97.42 percent increase.

In addition, the following Southeast Missouri schools achieved gold (99-100 percent usage), silver (95-98 percent usage) and bronze (91-94 percent usage) levels:

  • Saxony Lutheran High School 99.00% (Gold Banner)

  • Notre Dame Regional High School 98.34% (Silver Banner)

  • Oak Ridge High School 97.44% (Silver Banner)

  • Thomas W. Kelly High School 94.67% (Bronze Banner)

  • Norwood High School 94.12% (Bronze Banner)

  • Lesterville High School 92.86% (Bronze Banner)

  • Clearwater High School 90.72% (Bronze Banner)

Jackson High School will also receive a participation banner for the greatest number of students surveyed.  

Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for people 15-20 years old. Results of a 2013 survey among Missouri teens indicate 33 percent of teens are not wearing their seat belt putting them at greater risk to get killed or injured in traffic crashes. Seven out of 10 teens killed in Missouri traffic crashes are unbuckled.

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For more info

Nicole Thieret
Customer Relations Manager
Southeast District

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