July 2, 2015

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Southeast Coalition Releases New PSA
Have You Had 'The Talk' With Your Kids?
Coalition PSA
Click the video above to watch the Southeast Coalition's latest public service announcement.

While students are enjoying their summer break, the Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety is already making plans to target Missouri’s future drivers, new drivers and their parents during the next school year.

“Unfortunately, each of us probably knows someone who doesn’t wear his or her seat belt,” said Southeast Coalition Regional Coordinator Craig Compas.  “And we have probably all heard the same excuses about it being uncomfortable, wrinkling their clothes or being unnecessary.”

Missouri’s seat belt use remains relatively unchanged at 79 percent, which is consistently below the national average of 87 percent.

The Coalition wants every driver to know that traveling even a short distance without a seat belt is a gamble.

“We created a public service announcement to focus specifically on seat belts,” he said. “We want teen drivers and occupants to develop a habit of buckling. We hope parents will also serve as role models.”

The Coalition decided the best way to motivate teens and their parents is through humor.

“There are already so many rules, hours of homework and various growing pains teens have to go through,” said Compas. “After a certain point, individuals tune things out. And wearing your seat belt is about more than just following the rules; it’s about living.”

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for young people 15 to 20 years old. In 2013, 75 percent of teen vehicle occupants (13-19 years old) killed in a crash were not wearing a seat belt.

Compas hopes that despite the PSA's humorous tone, it will get parents and teens talking about this very serious topic.

The new PSA features a dad giving his daughter and her date a very important talk before they head out. The PSA will be featured during KFVS12’s Heartland Football Fridays, as well as available on YouTube and Facebook.

Check out the latest Coalition PSA at:

Kirk Bennett Retires After 27 Years of Service rule Tropical Depression Bill Triggers Flooding Across the State
Rick Bennett
SE District employee, Kirk Bennett, retired after 27 years with MoDOT. Pictured above, Bennett built a replica Frisco train with 1,800 feet of track on his land outside Willow Springs. During his retirement party, he offered rides for all attendees.
Flooding on Route 177 in Cape Girardeau

On June 18, the Southeast District began feeling the effects of Tropical Depression Bill, much like the rest of Missouri and neighboring states. Minor routes, like Route 177 in Cape Girardeau (pictured above), closed throughout the district. The flooding triggered by Bill meant that many maintenance crews, customer service representatives and others spent their weekend working to keep the traveling public safe! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!


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Nicole Thieret
Communications Manager
Southeast District

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