March 26, 2015

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Northwest District
Work Zone Awareness Week 2015
A media event for Work Zone Awareness Week in the Northwest District was held Tuesday, March 24 at the district office in St. Joseph. A truck mounted attenuator (TMA) was brought in by members of our roadside crew. Members of the media had a chance to view the TMA, discuss the benefits of TMAs with those who ride in them daily, and interview both workers and Northwest District Engineer Don Wichern. Due to the cold, rainy weather, the event was moved inside the district garage.
Pay Attention sign at the district office
The theme for Work Zone Awareness Week 2015, Pay Attention or Pay the Price, is on a banner directly outside the district office in St. Joseph.
Barrel Bob at a work zone on US Hwy 36
Barrel Bob alerts workers to pay attention at a work zone on U.S. Hwy 36 at the Platte River Bridge. Crossovers are being built for bridge projects later this construction season.
Setting up the WZAW interview
Maintenance Crew Leader Dave Yarnell readies for his interview with the media during Work Zone Awareness Week. One of the roadside crew's truck mounted attenuators was the featured backdrop for the interview.
Dave Yarnell being interviewed about TMAs
Maintenance Crew Leader Dave Yarnell speaks with the local ABC affiliate station about the dangers of working in active work zones and how truck mounted attenuators can help save lives of both workers and motorists.
Sidewalk Project Continues
Retail growth along Loop 29 in northern St. Joseph has skyrocketed in the past several years bringing shoppers and diners to the string of shops and chain restaurants that have sprung up where once there was only farmland. The increase in foot traffic has brought to light the lack of sidewalks along this stretch of roadway that's commonly referred to as the Belt Highway. While many of the new developments have built sidewalks as part of their construction, the older establishments do not have sidewalks, leaving many gaps for pedestrians. Federal enhancement funds are being used to fill in these gaps as well as bring ADA and intersection improvements to the area. The grading and dirt work has been going on for a while and sidewalks will soon connect these businesses making the roadsides much safer for consumers and for the employees of this fast-growing area.
Grading continues for sidewalk project
Grading continues for the sidewalk project along the Belt Highway in Buchanan County.
Grading continues across the street from the district office
Across the street from the district office, a contractor moves dirt along the roadside in preparation for the installation of sidewalks.
My How Things Have Changed
Senior Right of Way Specialist Barry Booth shared the photo below left that he saw on Facebook of our district office and the surrounding area in 1945. The district office, without the addition that was put on much later, is shown almost in the center of the photograph at the end of the long line of trees. The building in the foreground of the photos along curved roadway is the Highway Patrol building. Compare the photo on the left with the one on the right, taken from Google Earth in 2015. The MoDOT building and the Highway Patrol building are in relatively the same locations in both photographs.
District Office 1945
This aerial photo shows the location of the district office in 1945. The office is just to the left of center in the photograph.
District Office 2015
This image from Google Earth shows the same location in 2015. The district office facilities and property and the Highway Patrol facilities have both expanded, as has the retail shopping surrounding both offices.

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Marcia Johnson
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Northwest District

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