January 15, 2015

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Skating for Safety

The Northwest Coalition for Roadway Safety is a proud sponsor of the Safety Patrol in St. Joseph. The Safety Patrol is organized by Officer Todd Smith of the St. Joseph Police Department. Through the program, students learn and practice basic traffic safety rules, becoming leaders in their schools and communities by helping fellow students get to and from school safely, whether in a car, walking or riding a bus or bicycle.

Every December, Officer Smith invites all Safety Patrol members to the local roller skating rink for a celebration to recognize their hard work and leadership skills. Attendees can skate for free, refreshments are provided and door prizes given away. They also receive a t-shirt with the Buckle Up and Arrive Alive messages to wear as they continue to teach at their school and in their communities throughout the year.

Safety Patrol group photo

Safety Patrol members pose in their Arrive Alive t-shirts at their mid-year celebration.

Smaller group with door prizes
Attendees also received door prizes, such as the gift cards these Safety Patrol members are holding.
Safety Patrol students from across St. Joseph took a moment to celebrate the traffic safety and community leadership skills they're developing while serving on the Safety Patrol.
Tough Choices
Supervisors and leadership from the Northwest District gathered in the Northwest Conference Center to watch Director Nichols' present "Tough Choices Ahead: Missouri's 325 System" to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission at their January 14, 2015, meeting. To learn more about the plan, talk to your supervisor or another member of the Northwest District's leadership team, visit the Touch Choices section of Customer Relations' SharePoint page or click the link on MoDOT's website,
watching the live stream of the Commission meeting
Watching the Tough Choices presentation

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Marcia Johnson
Customer Relations Specialist
Northwest District

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