October 23, 2014

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Northwest District
Fall Meetings

The Northwest District wrapped up fall meetings last week. In total, meetings were held at six locations around the district: Chillicothe, St. Joseph RE office and maintenance facility, Bethany, Trenton, Maryville and the District Office.

District Engineer Don Wichern talked about the direction of the department, Assistant District Engineer Tony McGaughy went over the budget, Senior Human Resources Specialist Angela Downey updated employees on benefits, and Maintenance and Traffic Engineer Marty Liles discussed winter operations and the opportunities for employees to apply to the Maintenance Leadership Academy. Area Engineer Tonya Lohman and Construction Project Office Assistant Tammy Meneely coordinated the district's Charitable Campaign drive.

In addition, several outside presenters were invited to the meetings, Senior Environmental Specialist Ray Wood talked to the groups about the harmful chemicals in the products we all use every day in our jobs and how to dispose of them properly, the Missouri Department of Conservation spoke on the changes to regulations for the upcoming deer season, MPERS Senior Benefit Specialist Mariel Hale presented on retirement benefits and representatives from the two credit unions that were formerly associated with Districts One and Two were invited.

It was a full house at the Trenton Fall Meeting
A full house at the Trenton Maintenance Facility listened as district leadership went over the state of the department and the Northwest District.
Don Wichern and Tony McGaughy took questions from the crowd at the Trenton meeting
After reviewing some key points, District Engineer Don Wichern and Assistant District Engineer Tony McGaughy held a question and answer session with employees.
Mariel Hale from MPERS went over retirement benefits and questions
MPERS Senior Benefit Specialist Mariel Hale went over how to calculate your projected retirement benefits.
Senior Environmental Specialist Ray Wood presented about chemical hazards
Senior Environmental Specialist Ray Wood talked with employee groups about the hazards found in the chemicals and products we use every day at work and how we can properly dispose of them.
Gear Up
Gear Up training continues in the Northwest District as we are gearing up our staffing for winter weather. Our October session saw new seasonal employees, new full-time employees and some employees that have been here for a while, but need some parts of the safety training to prep for snow removal.
Human Resoucres Specialist Britney Richardson leads an ice breaker with the group
Human Resources Specialist Britney Richardson led the group in a humorous ice breaker, which included asking one table to answer the question: if you could be any animal, what you be and why. One new employee got a huge laugh when he answered "A pomeranian, because who doesn't love a pomeranian!"
Senior Safety Officer Lee Bearce leads the Safety portion of the first day of Gear Up
Safety is the highest priority at MoDOT, so it's no surprise that it's covered every day of Gear Up. Here Senior Safety Officer Lee Bearce leads the Safety portion of the first day of training.
Highway Patrol Blood Drive

Troop H of the Missouri State Highway Patrol is housed just across the highway from the Northwest District Office. Our proximity helps not only with our communication, but it allows us to share rooms and resources as well. Recently, the Patrol hosted a blood drive in our Northwest Conference Center. Folks were lined up at the door when it began and soon most of the donation stations were full.

MSHP Blood Drive
There was a bit of a line when the blood drive got started and KQ2 reporter Carla Fields was also there to interview Sergeant Jake Angle about the drive.
MSHP Blood Drive
Within just a few minutes of beginning most of the donation stations were filled.
Let's Go Royals

It's been 29 years since the western side of the state felt this much excitement in October and we're relishing every moment of it! Below is a photo of some of the District Office employees ready for Game 1. Now on to Game 2! Go Royals! Take The Crown!

Let's Go Royals!

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Marcia Johnson
Customer Relations Specialist
Northwest District

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