July 30, 2015

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We're in Deep With Culvert Replacements

Each year from January to early March, MoDOT employees are on sight to inspect culvert pipes. These inspections look at the pipe’s current condition, and if and when they need to be replaced.

The image above shows a culvert pipe that crews worked on this summer in Audrain County.

This year, despite the projected 425 replacements, the department will likely replace closer to 500 culverts. Usually, flooding makes up roughly 5 percent of all additional pipes that have to be replaced. This year, due to the excessive flooding Northeast Missouri received, there has been about 15 percent, if not more.

When asked about how flooding has caused this significant increase in culvert replacements, Jennifer Hinson, northeast district maintenance and traffic engineer, said, “The culvert pipes were not designed to carry that excessive amount of water in that short duration of time."

The reason these pipes fail is the water eats the asphalt around the pipes, shifting the pipe out of place, and sometimes causes half the pipe to go in a different direction.

Hinson also stated that culvert replacement costs will be about $200,000 more than originally intended this fiscal year because of the flooding.

Typically, a replacement can be done within one to three days with the help of about four crew members. Depending on the distance between pipes, the damages, and their size, this time frame can change. The Northeast District will indeed be deep in culvert pipe responsibilities for the next few months!

Around the District...

In the last three weeks, the Northeast District has been promoting its email updates and text alerts to try to get more customers signed up. This has primarily been done through social media and Chambers of Commerce newsletters, and includes a $15 ad on Facebook. As a result of this minimal promotion, the Northeast District received 180 new subscribers to email and 40 new subscribers to text alerts. Before the Facebook ad, 267 views of the video were received teaching users to sign up for alerts and updates, and after the ad, 2019 views were received of that video on Facebook.

  Heath Otte, maintenance superintendent, shakes the hand of newly retired Greg Price.  Greg retired as the Center Maintenance Supervisor after working for MoDOT for 30 years. Family, friends, and coworkers came together to congratulate Greg on July 27 at his retirement party in the Hannibal maintenance building.



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Marisa Brown-Ellison
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