October 8, 2015

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Old Glory Waves Over Big Calumet Creek

Ol' Glory Over Calumet Creek
Cole Sutton (left) and Matt Tobias (right), both of the Hannibal Project office, are shown with Ol' Glory at the Big Calumet Creek Bridge project.

Recently, a Vietnam veteran from Curryville, Mo, passed away in the VA Hospital in Columbia.  His friend, George, also a veteran, was with him only a few days before he died. 

"He asked me to take this flag and share it where it would be appreciated," George said. 

There were many places George could have taken the flag, or "Old Glory," as he called it.  "I see those guys working on that bridge down there by Clarksville, and they're doing a good job!" he emphasized.  "So I think, they seem like hard workers who would appreciate my friend's story, and I take them the flag," he explained. 

Tom Shrum, senior construction inspector, is overseeing the work on the Big Calumet Creek Bridge on Missouri Route 79. 

"Tom was just as nice as they come," George said.  "He took that flag and told me he would be honored to fly it at the bridge while they're doing construction," he said.  "That really made me happy," he added.

While George is very pleased about Old Glory being displayed at the project, he really wants the bridge to be renamed Old Glory.  "I'll be talkin' to my state rep about this, because I don't think there is another bridge in Missouri called Old Glory," George said.

So as Old Glory waves over Big Calumet Creek, we say thank you to those that are currently serving and those that have served in the past for their sacrifices to give us the freedoms we have today! 

Around the District...
Route J in Lewis County   Lincoln County Bridge Work
Lewis County crews have been doing some bridge work over the past few weeks.  Pictured is the crew working on a bridge on Route J.   Casey Morris, Sheanna Lindsey and Rick Skirvin, all of Elsberry, are pictured sealing a bridge in Lincoln County.
Trucks, Tractors & Tykes at Macon   Atlanta Big Wheels event
Macon Parents as Teachers held it's annual Trucks, Tractors & Tykes event. Pictured here is Reid, son of Sarah Marino in General Services, enjoying the MoDOT truck at the event. He loved the air horn!   Atlanta PTO held it's annual Big Wheels event for area children. Pictured is Lexie, daughter of Neal Ross from Macon, getting her picture taken in the MoDOT truck.
NE Coalition Quarterly Meeting
Northeast Coalition for Roadway Safety held it's quarterly meeting in Mexico.  Area partners joined to learn about coalition activities. Bud Balke with MADD was a guest speaker at the meeting.



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