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Bicyclists and Motorists Share the Road

Whose road is it, the motorists or bicyclists? Either way, mutual respect is necessary between both. We all need to share the road.

As our world becomes more conscious about being healthy, motorists will encounter more bicyclists and pedestrians because it is a great way to get fresh air and a work out as well. With several bike enthusiasts in the Kirksville area, MoDOT has found a way to make it safer for bicyclists to travel in the area. Four pavement projects are scheduled to be completed in Kirksville this year, and two of them will include marking part of the paved shoulders as bike lanes.

Cyclists travel along Missouri Route 6 to Thousand Hills State Park located west of Kirksville. When it was determined that Missouri 6 would be resurfaced from Business Route 63 in Kirksville west to Novinger, the decision was made to stripe the shoulder as a bike lane. “We wanted to find a way to make it safer for the motorists and cyclists who were sharing the road,” said Amy Crawford, MoDOT area engineer. Business Route 63 beginning at Route 6 west by Wal-Mart to the U.S. 63 interchange will also be resurfaced and include the bike lanes.  

“Cyclists, just like most motorists, are not there to inconvenience other users of the road,” Crawford added. “These additions will help to ensure traffic continues to flow, and everyone is safer.”

The projects are expected to begin this spring.

You ARE Somebody's Type

David LiebhartOne hour is all it takes.  Takes what, you ask.  One hour is all it takes to save a life. How can we help save a life? Donate blood. The two most common reasons cited by individuals for not giving blood are: “Never thought about it” or “I don’t like needles”. But one donation can save the lives of up to three people.  Within the MoDOT family, there are numerous individuals who give an hour of their time to donate blood. David Liebhart, senior construction inspector at the Macon Project Office, is one of those people.

David has been donating since he was a teenager.  When asked why he does it, David simply responded, “I give because I can.”

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. is in need of blood. “There are so many individuals that need blood, that if by me taking one hour out of my day to give can help someone, then that is what I am going to do,” he added. “And it doesn’t hurt a bit,” he said with a smile. 

Macon Regional Office recently held a blood drive and collected 20 units that will help individuals around the area. David is pictured above giving at the drive.

So we want to say thank you to David, and all of the other MoDOT employees that take time to give blood in their communities. Blood can only come from generous donors like you.  Remember, you are somebody’s type!

Around the District...
Driving simulator at Troy Sharepoint Training
The Northeast Coalition for Roadway Safety had the opportunity to purchase two driving simulators that will be used in driver's education classes at area high schools. The simulators give students a hands on experience on what it takes to be a safe driver. Pictured above, faculty at Troy try out one of the simulators. The Northeast District held a SharePoint training for employees that will be administrators of the program.  Several attended the training that was held in the district office.

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Marisa Brown-Ellison
Customer Relations Manager
Northeast District


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