September 25, 2014

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St. Francisville Toll Bridge Inspected

St. Francis Toll Bridge Inspections

Pictured is an inspector on the St. Francisville bridge earlier this month.

Certified rope instructors were "hangin' out" on the St. Francisville bridge earlier this month to perform a fracture critical inspection. "This detailed inspection was recommended due to a previous general inspection I performed earlier in the year," said MoDOT Northeast District Off-System Bridge Inspector Skip Wilson. "It was pretty cool to watch several of them dangling from the bridge, all the while looking for structural issues," he added. The truss portions of the 763 feet long bridge over the Des Moines River between Missouri and Iowa were inspected. All climbing was performed by certified rope access inspectors out of Reno, Nevada.

The initial findings are that the truss is in fair to good general overall conditions for a bridge built in 1937. No significant fracture critical concerns were discovered.

The bridge is owned by the Wayland Special Road District in Clark County. Until the replacement bridges on MO Route 27 were opened in 2008, this served as the main river crossing from Missouri Route B to Iowa U.S. 218.

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Buell Bridge

Incident on I-70

The 85-year-old bridge over Elkhorn Creek near Buell (south of Middletown) has deteriorated to the point it
has become a safety issue and was closed last Monday morning. MoDOT will be repairing this piece of the bridge in October, hoping to have it reopened by the end of the month.

Both lanes of westbound I-70 and one lane of eastbound were closed for more than 12 hours earlier this month due to two separate incidents in the
same area near Warrenton. A tractor trailer lost control and went across the median guard cable, striking another car and killing the driver. Immediately following, three tractor trailers crashed, causing the closures. Several members of the MoDOT team spent a VERY long night dealing with traffic issues.
MO 151 Culvert Washed Out

Plane on MO 19

Flash flooding, then subsequent river swelling,
created a lot of work for MoDOT crews this month.
Above, crews work on MO 151 south of Shelby County Route KK, where a box culvert was washing out.
Not something you see everyday on the road....a passenger plane.  Needing to make an emergency landing, a passenger plane made a quick decision to land on MO 19 in Ralls County.  MoDOT crews flagged traffic while the plane was pulled to a small repair shop on Missouri Route Y just off of MO 19.

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Marisa Brown-Ellison
Customer Relations Manager
Northeast District


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