November 19, 2015

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Kansas City District to Equip All Trucks with GPS for Snow Removal Operations

Snow season is here, which means MoDOT is preparing trucks and plows for winter weather operations. This year, the Kansas City District is the first to install Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on all vehicles used for snow and ice removal. The ultimate goal is to make snow removal operations safer, more efficient and to help maintain the fleet.

GPS Installation
Crews have started installing trucks with the GPS technology.

Maintenance personnel can improve plowing efficiency by using the GPS/AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator) system at their buildings on the computer to monitor operations and make real-time decisions based on the information received from the system. By installing GPS, supervisors can track vehicles and determine where the driver needs to go and which routes are in need of plowing.

The AVL will automatically determine the geographic location of a vehicle and send the information back to the supervisor. If an area in the KC District is experiencing a large amount of emergency calls due to needed snow or ice removal, the closest vehicle or vehicle best equipped to handle the situation can be dispatched.

In addition, this technology offers a playback of activity for selected vehicles, opening the door to even better efficiency. For example, the GPS/AVL shows the pattern that vehicles use and allows the district to get an accurate handle on the cycle times to ensure resources are placed in the right locations. They can easily track where vehicles have been and what areas still need to be covered.

Driver safety is another added benefit to fitting these vehicles with the GPS tools. If a truck is stranded or the driver is unable to communicate with a supervisor, the GPS can give an accurate location, creating the ability to send crews to that exact location.

The KC District has already started installing the GPS tools and anticipates having all 204 plow trucks equipped by the first major snow storm. 

Veterans Honored in Special Celebration

It was a day to say thank you. The KC District held a special celebration for employees during a Veterans Day celebration to show appreciation, and honor those who have served or continue to serve our country.

Fallen CommradeTable
Missing Man Table

More than 40 veterans attended the day’s events. Upon arriving, veterans paid tribute to those fallen, missing or imprisoned military-service members. A Missing Man Table, also known as the Fallen Comrade Table was placed as a symbol of remembrance. Each item placed upon the table symbolized the sacrifices made by those to ensure the freedom of the United States of America.

All employees were encouraged to join the veterans during the ceremony and several donated desserts for the reception following the event. Veterans were honored during a pin and certificate presentation.

Special guest speaker Missouri State Senator David Pearce took time to thank MoDOT employees, especially the veterans who continue to serve the public.

VeteransKC MoDOT Veterans. Click to view a special thank you video.

“I was surprised by the number of veterans. That’s a big list. I was surprised but not really. Because when you stop and think about it, when you were younger, when you served, you were volunteering and you were serving others, and you were putting your life at risk. Many of you are still doing that same thing today,” said Pearce.

Pearce continued with a quote from former President Ronald Reagan. “We will never forget, we will always remember, we will always be prepared so we will always be free. Thank you veterans, thank you so much and we are indebted to your service.”

Click here to view the Veteran's Day video with Senator Pearce.


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