September 24, 2015

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Kansas City Team Honors Fallen Workers, Recommits to Safety

DOR Last Thursday marked our third annual Day of Remembrance ceremony. After the first one -- on the anniversary of Clifton Scott's death -- the state decided this was something we wanted to do every year, come together to remember those who are no longer with us.

This year, Kansas City changed the way we conducted this event. We wanted to make sure we held a moment of silence with as many employees as possible, so we hosted five separate memorial services. We picked four central locations in the field and invited as many employees as possible to attend the event. The final ceremony began at 131 -- to honor all of our 131fallen coworkers -- at the district office.

We are grateful that we have not added another name to this memorial since 2012, when we lost Clifton . But that isn’t good enough.

We challenged employees at every event that day to make a personal commitment to do e v

berthing in our power to make sure no other employee is lost.


We must focus on safety at all times, in everything we do. And we must dedicate ourselves – every single day – to doing whatever it takes so we, our coworkers and our customers make it home safely.

Before we left these solemn events, we handed out orange ribbons to everyone to wear as a reminder of the importance of the sacrifice these people made for our organization and as a symbol that we will never forget them.

Check out photos from all the Day of Remembrance events around the district online. (internal link)

Maintenance Leading MoDOT Into the Future

“Leadership That Matters” was the topic of the workshop that recently brought together more than 80 Kansas City District Maintenance supervisors, assistant supervisors, superintendents, crew leaders and other district personnel for a day of training. Participants learned how to find new solutions to problems, eliminate tough challenges and improve results in their work groups.

MoDOT Communications Director Fay Fleming led the interactive workshop where she discussed topics like How Leaders are Made, the Importance of Good Leadership, How Great Leaders Lead, Personal Leadership Slogans, Key Traits of Great Leaders and Your Leadership Commitment.

“This was a day to deposit back into our maintenance leaders,” said HR Manager Deborah Hogan. “They give so much, they were able to get away for a day and refuel with fresh ideas and new solutions and be inspired to continue be great leaders for MoDOT.”

Interactive exercises kept the crowd engaged and by the end of the day, many commented they felt better prepared to use what they learned to improve themselves and help their co-workers. As learned at the workshop, some leaders are born and some are made, but everyone has the potential to lead at some point and contribute.

"I believe it is always good when you can get superintendents, supervisors, assistant supervisors, and crew leaders together for brain storming  days," said Maintenance Supervisor for Striping and Signing Jeff Mays. "As leaders I think we get so busy and disconnected from those doing all the work that we need days to share ideas on how to keep things fresh and how to stay productive. I thought Fay did an outstanding job, and making us participate allowed us to learn and laugh at one another to become better leaders."

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