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When considering a career at MoDOT, it is important to be aware of the contributions made by the department towards benefits.


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Salaries are based on education, training, and experience related to the position.  The department provides opportunities for advancement of salary grade and pay to employees in designated career ladders within the department.  These advancements are intended to be in recognition of employees completing requirements to be promoted to intermediate or senior level jobs.


Many of the department's jobs, including some professional-level positions, are paid overtime and/or earn compensatory credit at either a straight time or time and one-half  rate.

Annual Leave

Annual leave can be transferred from other Missouri state agencies if transferred within 30 days of  terminating from the payroll of the other agency.  Annual leave is earned and accumulated at variable rates based on length of service.

The rates of earning annual leave and maximum accumulation for full-time salaried employees are:
a.   Less than 10 years creditable service:  Annual leave is earned at the rate of one and one-fourth days (10 hours) per month (15 workdays per year) and may be accumulated not to exceed 30 workdays.
b.   10-15 years creditable service: Annual leave is earned at the rate of one and one-half days (12 hours) per month (18 workdays per year) and may be accumulated not to exceed 36 workdays.
c.   15+ years creditable service:  Annual leave is earned at the rate of one and three-fourths days (14 hours) per month (21 workdays per year) and may be accumulated not to exceed 42 workdays.

Sick Leave

Sick leave may be restored or transferred into the department in an unlimited amount by individuals previously employed by the department or other Missouri state agencies if they assume employment within five years after terminating from the payroll of the department or other agency.  Full-time salaried employees earn sick leave at the rate of one and one-fourth days (10 hours) per month.  Employees are allowed to accumulate unlimited sick leave.  Unused sick leave balances at the time of retirement may be converted  to creditable service for computing a retirement annuity (if eligible).


Full-time salaried employees receive 12 paid holidays per year.


The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) offers a self-funded PPO Plan to eligible employees, retirees, and dependents.  The premiums are shared between MoDOT and the employee, and MoDOT bears the largest share, which helps subsidize the premium for the employee as well as for the employee's spouse and/or dependent.  The 2015 Subscriber Only premium is provided for a minimal fee of $81 per month for active employees, and MoDOT contributes $326  per month towards the coverage.

The PPO plan provides access to in-network providers who offer discounted rates, and participants have the freedom to choose their providers.  No referrals are necessary and include out-of-network coverage for an even wider selection of providers.  The plan has a $450 individual deductible and includes a 10% coinsurance for in-network providers and a 20% coinsurance for out-of-network providers with a maximum out-of-pocket of $1150 (does include the deductible).  Office visits co-payments are $25 per visit.

The Plan encourages participants to receive preventive care services and preventive services are covered 100% when provided by an in-network provider only.  There is no coverage for preventive care services from an out-of-network provider.

The Plan also includes prescription drug coverage through a large nationwide network of pharmacies as well as mail order pharmacy.  The prescription coverage includes a $100 individual deductible with a 30% coinsurance.



Dental & Vision

Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan offers vision and dental plans for employees and eligible dependents.  Both plans offer network and out-of-network services.

Dental coverage includes preventive, restorative, and major services.  Preventive services are covered 100% with no deductible and include two exams and cleanings each year as well as annual bitewing x-rays.  Restorative services are paid at 80% after the $50 deductible is met and include services such as fillings and extractions.  Major services are paid at 50% after the deductible is met and include services such as crowns, root canals and oral surgery.  Coverage is limited to an annual $1,000 maximum per person.  There is a one-year waiting period for major services, which may be waived with proof of 12 months of continuous dental coverage for major services immediately prior to enrollment.

Vision coverage includes an annual vision exam and lenses each calendar year and frames every 24 months with a $125 retail allowance, or contact lenses may be selected in place of glasses with a $125 allowance.  There is a premium plan available that increases your allowable amounts to $175. The services are covered with a co-payment for network services and an allowance for out-of-network services.

Life Insurance

Term life insurance coverage, equal to one time the employee's annual salary is provided at no cost to employees and effective the first day of employment.  The coverage includes triple indemnity in the event the death  results from performance of duty as an employee.  Other optional term and whole life insurance coverage is available.  Plans are also offered for spouse and dependents.  Premiums are paid by employee.


The department offers a contributory defined benefit plan (2011 Tier). The plan is administered by the MoDOT and Patrol Employees' Retirement System.  As of January 1, 2011, benefit-eligible employees hired for the first time are required to contribute 4% of  monthly pay towards the cost of their retirement benefit. On June 30 of each year, interest is credited on the member's account balance as of July 1 of the preceding year. To become eligible to receive a benefit, a member must have 10 years of credited service.  This is called "becoming vested."  The formula for computing a monthly base retirement benefit is:

Final average pay (highest 36 consecutive months of pay) x 1.7% x years/full months of credited service. If retiring under the rule of 90, an additional temporary benefit is payable each month until age 62.  For more information on retirement and disability benefits go to www.mpers.org


The department encourages employees to continue their formal education to further develop their work skills and enhance their ability to compete for promotional opportunities.  To accomplish this, the department provides tuition assistance for high school equivalency diplomas, courses at vocational and technical schools, and college courses at the undergraduate or graduate level, including correspondence courses through classroom, interactive television, videotape, computer, and other training sources.   To be eligible for graduate course reimbursement, you  must have a minimum four years of  service with MoDOT or be employed  in  a salary grade 15 or higher position and must have completed a six-month probationary period.

Experience + Quality/Ability =


Positions in the department are normally filled from within, when possible.  This offers more incentive and opportunities for employees seeking advancement.  Rate of advancement is determined by the availability of vacancies as well as an employee's education, experience, job performance, and how well they demonstrate the department values.


A deferred compensation plan provides employees a convenient way to save for retirement and defer taxes until retirement by investing in mutual funds and/or a fixed income account.  Monies are taxable when withdrawn.  Eligible employees will be automatically enrolled for 1% contribution effective on their hire date.  The employee will have the option to opt out within 30 days of their official hire date.



Cafeteria Plan

A payroll-deduction savings plan (flexible spending plan) is available which permits employees to set aside a portion of their salary on a tax-free basis to pay for state-sponsored medical, dental, and vision  premiums and to be reimbursed for certain medical, child, and dependent care expenses.

Hours of Work

The normal workweek for most employees consists of five 8-hour days, Monday through Friday.  The workday for most employees begins at 7:30 a.m.; however, special conditions or the nature of the job may require work on some other schedule.  Flextime is available, if approved by the supervisor.  Department offices have staff available between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Additionally, telecommuting and remote work options are available for some positions within the department.

Certifications and Exams

With prior written approval, employees may be granted paid time off  to take a job-related registered professional examination. The department will reimburse employees for study or refresher courses taken in preparation for department-required certifications.  Reimbursement is made after the employee has successfully passed the appropriate examination.

The department will reimburse employees for study or refresher courses taken in preparation for department-required certifications.  A graduate engineer, regardless of current job title, can receive reimbursement for taking the professional engineer refresher course.  For jobs other than those requiring professional engineering certification, reimbursement will be paid only for those jobs which require certification on the job specification.  The department will not pay for preparation for the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) exam.

Job-Related Organizational / Professional Fees and Dues

The department will reimburse employees for their annual renewal fees or dues for: Professional Engineering Registration for Missouri; Real Estate Appraisal; Missouri Bar Association; Registered Land Surveyor; and National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (for jobs requiring NICET certification).  The department may also reimburse employees for renewals of other selected job-related professional and technical registration fees that are not required in their job specification.

The department will also reimburse employees for one-half of the membership fee for one job-related organization, not to exceed $100 per calendar year.  These are for organizations that are not a direct requirement of an employee's job, but are related to the employee's field of expertise.

Employee Assistance Program

Employees and members of their  household may obtain counseling for short term mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues , access to legal and financial specialists, access to trained identity theft and consumer fraud protection specialists, and access to self-assessment tools and calculators for a variety of life  issues.

Disability Benefits

The department provides disability benefits to employees if they become disabled.  Employees could receive up to 60% of their pre-disability salary for long-term disability or 70% of their pre-disability salary for work-related disability for a qualifying medical condition.  Disability coverage is provided to departmental employees at no cost.

           Click here for information regarding employee rights and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act


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