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Project Scoping Report


Implementation of Recommendations for Project Scoping

A project’s scope can be defined as the set of design parameters that satisfy the purpose and need of the project. A poorly identified scope can result in an unnecessarily high project budget and schedule or a project that accomplishes little of significance.

A construction program based on poorly scoped projects will eventually fragment, whether by expanding the scope to meet the need during design or through field adjustment to correct errors during construction.

MoDOT recognizes that development of appropriate and accurate project scopes is one of the most important elements that can determine the success or failure of a project. Therefore, MoDOT has undertaken the task of reviewing the current project-scoping process and has made recommendations for improvements outlined in this Project Scoping Report.

Implementation of Recommendations for Project Scoping
April 2003 Report  PDF Icon  (2.47 mb, 25 pages)
Appendix A -- D PDF Icon  (1.15 mb, 63 pages)

Earlier this year, MoDOT district and General Headquarters staff took the first step in the implementation of this new process by reviewing this document. Comments received prompted some revisions to the recommendations and also generated aset of "Frequently Asked Questions". Those questions, and their corresponding answers, have been added to the final section of the report, Appendix D.

This new process will be used, to the fullest extent possible, for development of MoDOT's 2004 - 2008 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. The new process will be used for scoping all projects added to the STIP that do not have previously committed right of way or construction dollars.

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