November 19, 2015

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Central Office

Veterans Day Celebration

Above, Dave Silvester, district engineer for MoDOT's Central District, leads the Pledge of Allegiance to begin the ceremony. Below, DeAnne Rickabaugh, Motor Carrier Services project manager, sings the National Anthem.
On Nov.12, Central Office and Central District paused to honor our veteran coworkers in a joint ceremony in the Central Office Commission room. The event started with the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Dave Silvester, district engineer for the Central District, followed by the National Anthem sung by DeAnne Rickabaugh, Motor Carrier Services project manager.

MoDOT Interim Director Roberta Broeker spoke on behalf of all MoDOT employees when she said thank you for the sacrifices our brave veteran coworkers made in the protection of our country. She also introduced Senior Environmental Specialist Ray Wood and Equal Opportunity and Diversity HR Specialist Beckie Brietzke who spoke about their time in the service.

Following the remarks, Communications Director Fay Fleming and Central District Senior Human Resources Technician Cheyanne Stark read the names of the Central Office and Central District veterans in attendance, while Roberta Broeker presented them with a pin and certificate.

Refreshments were offered following the event.

You can see all photos of the event here - Veteran's Day Celebration.
Ray Fay
Above, Senior Environmental Specialist Ray Wood talks about his experience in the armed forces. Communications Director Fay Fleming (right) and Central District Senior Human Resources Technician Cheyanne Stark (left) read the names of the Central Office and Central District veterans attending the ceremony.
Employees Explore the Benefits of
Mentor-Mentee Program

MoDOT's mentoring program is designed to positively impact the lives of its employees by providing support and learning opportunities that will promote professional development for a diversified and talented work force. Earlier this month, nearly 50 employees attended various sessions in Jefferson City to learn about the benefits of the mentor-mentee relationship.

Mentoring Training
Human Resources Specialist Beckie Brietzke discusses the benefits of mentor-mentee relationships at a recent training in Jefferson City.

According to a recent Gallup Poll "State of the American Workplace," only 30 percent of the American workforce is actively engaged in their careers. The number one most important thing to happiness in the workplace is social interaction.

“People want to feel included at work and feel like they are a part of something,” said Human Resources Specialist Beckie Brietzke, who leads the mentoring program through the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Division. “The number one most important thing to happiness in the workplace is social interaction, and mentoring is social interaction. Mentoring makes people happy, and happy people don’t quit their jobs.”

The role of mentors is to guide and facilitate the learning of their mentee. “As a mentor, you are actively listening, building trust, opening communication and delivering developmental feedback,” said Brietzke. “But the import thing is to be positive.”

On MoDOT’s Sharepoint site, Brietzke has provided countless resources to support MoDOT’s mentor program. Employees can see lists of available mentors and complete personal assessments to determine what type of mentor they could benefit from. The site also includes articles and tools for mentors to guide their mentees depending on the mentee’s personal development and career goals. Brietzke will be offering the mentor and mentee training classes at more locations around the state.

Currently, there are 301 employees signed up in the program. For more information, click here to access the Mentoring Sharepoint site. http://sharepoint/facilitation/EOD/mentor/SitePages/Home.aspx.

Central Office Happenings


blood driveBlood Drive Results

November’s State employee’s blood drive collected a total of 201 units. Since each pint of blood has the potential to save three different lives, 603 hospital patients will be impacted.

The Red Cross thanks everyone who participated in supporting the program and asks that you note these January 2016 dates on your calendar for more lifesaving opportunities:

January 12 - Truman Building
January 13 - Truman Building
January 15 - Faith Lutheran Church
January 19 - Truman Building



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