October 23, 2014

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Fun on the Charitable Campaign Trail
Executive Assistant Jenna Vaughan does the honors and shaves Mike Shea's head during an employee fall meeting. Mike was a good sport, keeping a smile on his face throughout the process.

The Maintenance Division rounded up a few brave men, Maintenance Liaison Engineer Mike Shea, Traffic Management and Operation Engineer Dan Smith and Sr. Systems Management Specialist Jeremy Hodges, who all volunteered to shave their heads for a charitable campaign fundraising event. The event was to honor Sr. Systems Management Specialist Cheri Middendorf, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, by giving the proceeds to the Community Breast Care Center.

The idea was simple, set up money jars and have employees contribute to who they would most like to see with a shaved head. The person with the most money in their jar would end up with the least hair.

It was a stiff competition. Dan Smith and his wife, a breast cancer survivor herself, even hosted fundraisers with family and friends that netted $680, which went directly into Mike Shea's jar, giving him the win.

The entire event raised $735 for the Community Breast Care Center.


shave 2

After the ceremonial shaving, Mike Shea and Cheri Middendorf were given do-rags sporting the Jayhawk's logo, one of Mike's favorite teams. Mike also was given two KC Royals hats to keep his new bald head warm.



The Design Division chose a bucket challenge for a charitable campaign fundraiser. The challenge raised $300 for the campaign. More campaign events are taking place throughout the Central Office, so be sure to participate.

ice  bucket 1   ice bucket 2
Challenge participant State Design Engineer Eric Schroeter braves the cold water with a "thumbs up" as Sr. Historic Preservation Specialist Rusty Weisman dumps the ice water over his head.   Assistant State Design Engineer Nicole Hood takes one for the team from Design Liaison Engineer Jim Smith as Environmental and Historic Preservation Manager Gayle Unruh enjoys watching from a safe distance.
ice bucket 3 Design Division ice bucket challenge participants looking a little cold. From left to right - Division Administrative Support Supervisor Donna Roewe, Local Programs Administrator Kenny Voss, State Design Engineer Eric Schroeter, Environmental and Historic Preservation Manager Gayle Unruh, Assistant State Design Engineer Nicole Hood and Bid and Contract Service Engineer Jason Vanderfeltz.
Design Division Employee Receives Honor
Jim Smith, design liaison engineer, is the most recent MoDOT employee to
be recognized as a distinguished MU alumni.
Jim Smith, a liaison engineer in the Design Division at Central Office, was recently inducted into the Civil Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni (CEADA) at the University of Missouri. The ceremony took place October 10, at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Columbia.

Smith, who graduated from MU in 1981, started at MoDOT soon thereafter and has held a variety of design positions for more than 30 years, split almost equally between the Central District and Central Office. He currently is the design liaison with MoDOT’s Central and Northeast Districts and with the St. Louis District for projects in St. Charles County and North St. Louis County.

Other CEADA members who are active MoDOT employees include: Director Dave Nichols, Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger, State Bridge Engineer Dennis Heckman, State Maintenance Engineer Beth Wright, Kansas City District Engineer Dan Niec, St. Louis District Engineer Greg Horn and Northeast District Engineer Paula Gough.

The CEADA was established at MU in 1998 to honor outstanding graduates and distinguished friends of the department.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
wellness newsletterIf the world suddenly seems awash in pink, that’s because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people will wear pink and participate in events to recognize survivors of breast cancer, remember those who lost their battles, raise awareness about prevention and raise funds for breast cancer research.

Click on this month’s Coventry Wellness Newsletter to find:

  • Breast cancer prevention tips
  • Symptoms of breast cancer
  • Recipe for broccoli, garlic, and lemon penne pasta
Keeping Kids Safe for Halloween Fun
Are your kids going out for trick or treat? Keep them safe by following these safety tips.

  • Make sure your child's costume fits properly. A night of fun can be abruptly ended if they trip because their costume does not fit them properly.
  • Make sure your child can see through their mask. Children will be crossing streets and walking up and down porch steps. Make sure they can see well enough through their mask to see oncoming cars and steps.
  • HalloweenRemind your children not to enter a home to receive candy. Your child should stay with the group and stay on the porch. 
  • Don't trick or treat at a home that does not have a well-lighted porch. Remind your child that not everyone gives out candy and going to a dark house can be very dangerous.
  • Be sure your child can be seen by motorists. Carrying a flashlight helps your child to see and be seen.  Placing reflective tape on their costume helps to make them more visible to drivers.
  • Do not load or unload children on the traffic side of the vehicle. Many of us use our vehicles to drive our children around the neighborhoods. Remember kids are excited on Halloween, so be sure you only load and unload on the curb side of the vehicle. Make sure your child uses their seat belt - even if it is difficult with their costume.
  • Take the time to check your child's candy before they eat it.  Don't allow your child to eat any treats that have been unwrapped.
  • Know where your child is going to trick or treat and set a curfew. Set boundaries where your child may trick or treat.
  • Check and see who is outside before you open the door.  Don't assume it's just more children at your door.
  • Don't allow young children to hand out candy without an adult present. An unattended child is an easy target for criminals. Make sure your door remains secured except when handing out treats.
Central Office Happenings
MEE ZoneMee Zone Event
Ellis Fischel Mammography Cancer Screening Mobile
Nov. 7, beginning at 8 a.m.
601 W Main St, Jefferson City

Breast cancer is the second most common newly diagnosed cancer and second leading cause of cancer death among women in the US. The key factor in fighting this disease is early detection.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center from the University of Missouri Health Care is donating their time to our MoDOT female employees for preventative screenings. The screenings are open to all Central Office and Central District female employees. Most insurance companies cover one mammography screening a year, so check with your provider.

There are 26 spots available and are open on a first come, first serve basis. To register contact Amanda Henley (573) 526-5617.

Note: Although this screening is for females only, males should also be checking for abnormal knots or thickening in the breast. Men are screened by diagnostic testing. Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen (about one percent of all breast cancer cases in the U.S.) Breast cancer screening is only recommended for some men at higher risk due to an inherited gene mutation or a strong family history.

blood driveMissouri State Employees Blood Drive
Friday, Oct. 24
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Governor’s Office Building
200 Madison Street, Jefferson City

To sign up to donate make an appointment by visiting and enter sponsor code: MoState.

Help make your donation experience as safe, successful and pleasant as possible by following a few recommendations before, during and after your blood donation. Click here for tips - Giving Blood.

For additional questions, please contact Amanda Schlottach –

All donors will enjoy complimentary Papa John’s pizza after their donation.

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