August 27, 2015

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Kansas City Port Back in Action
PortBarges are once again docked at the Port of Kansas City. During the week of Aug. 17, the port reopened and received its first barge shipment in eight years. The reopening of the port is the culmination of years of work by Port KC. Over the past three years, Port KC demolished a warehouse, made electrical upgrades, rehabbed the conveyer and made lighting improvements. Plans are currently underway to reconnect the port to rail. The reopening effort was supported by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission and MoDOT.

August Health and Safety Tips

Backing Safety

The most effective way to avoid a backing incident is: DON’T BACK UP! Plan your exit when you arrive to avoid future backing. Pull through or park on the curb when possible. Only back up when you have no other choice.

Nationally, backing accidents are very common but usually avoidable when using a spotter. Often in these situations ,either the driver did not know someone was behind the vehicle or the driver lost sight of the spotter. Here are a few highlights on how to safely work with a spotter as the driver of a vehicle and to safely be a spotter for a driver:

  • Hold daily safety discussions with all involved employees to outline and review the procedures and safety items required for the tasks assigned.
  • Before backing, doing a circle check around your vehicle will allow you to see any hazards that may be unnoticed from the driver’s seat.
  • Ensure that spotters and drivers agree on hand signals before backing up.
  • backingMinimize, to the extent possible, work that must be done by workers on foot near moving vehicles and equipment.
  • Define blind spots and prohibit employees on foot from entering these areas.
  • All vehicle and equipment operators/drivers, upon entering the work area, should look for an available person to spot for them. If a spotter is not readily available, they should try to find someone to spot for them.
  • Spotters should be designated and advised to look at the side mirrors of the backing vehicle or equipment. If they cannot see the driver in one of the side mirrors, they are in a blind spot.
  • The equipment or vehicle operator/driver and spotter shall maintain continuous visual and verbal contact.
  • If the vehicle or equipment operator/driver loses sight of or communication with the spotter, they SHALL STOP IMMEDIATELY!
  • Operators and drivers shall always obey the signal of the spotter and never back up or move in congested areas without the spotter indicating the path is clear.
  • Vehicles and equipment operators/drivers shall have the windows rolled down.
  • Neither the vehicle or equipment operator/driver, nor the spotter, shall be speaking on, texting with or otherwise operating or viewing a cell phone or other personal data device.
  • The spotter shall stand alone. If the spotter is in conversation with another person, the driver shall STOP.
  • The spotter shall be aware of the area’s hazards for the vehicle/equipment they are spotting, including but not limited to: overhead obstacles, items that could be in the line of impact (buildings, vehicles, trees, etc.), soft ground, ditches/trenches, slopes, etc.
  • Spotters must always be aware of the terrain/trip hazards, being careful not to lose their footing.
  • Employees on foot shall maintain a safe minimum distance between themselves and the moving vehicles and equipment.
  • The spotter shall always have an escape route.
  • The spotter shall be wearing MoDOT approved high visibility safety apparel and a hard hat in accordance with Safety Policies 1.0 and 1.6.
  • During nighttime spotting operations, in addition to the standard Class III reflective clothing, the spotter shall use a flashlight.
Central Office Happenings
TrainingIntroduction to SharePoint
Tuesday, Sept. 16
9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
In person at Central Office HR Training Room B
601 West Main, Jefferson City (behind the old Garage Annex), or from anywhere via video conference

In this class you will learn how to navigate around SharePoint and how to save, create and manage your files.

Enrollees are required to bring a laptop to the class. If you do not have a laptop, contact the IS Service Desk (573) 751-5000 to reserve one, or create a reservation online at: http://sharepoint/sites/is/smo/reserve/default.aspx

To sign up for one of these classes, go to MoDOT U and select “Introduction to SharePoint”.

For questions, contact Anita Buddemeyer: or (573) 526-7931.

DonDeferred Comp Consultations
Tuesday, Sept. 1
Central Office, Room 204
Wednesday, Sept. 2
601 W Main, HR Library
Thursday, Sept. 10
830 MoDOT Dr, Orange Room

Don Wilson, education specialist with the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan, will be conducting FREE one-on-one consultations on the following dates:

Individual meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. and will last roughly 20-30 minutes. His visit will give employees who participate in the Plan an opportunity to increase contributions, change beneficiaries or ask Plan questions.

Employees who are not currently enrolled in the deferred compensation plan are also encouraged to meet with Don as he can assist you with enrollment and discuss important Plan options and features.

If you would like to set up a specific time to speak to Don, please enroll online. You can also reach him by phone at 800-392-0925 opt. 3, ext. 2 or 573-353-9999, as well as via email at



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