February 26, 2015

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Innovations Chosen for Statewide Showcase
Preparations are in high gear for this year’s Innovations Challenge Showcase slated for April 28 in Springfield. The job was not an easy one, but district innovation coordinators and category review teams have narrowed the field from 119 first-round winners to the top 58 innovations for the showcase. Those chosen for the showcase must now work on how to best explain
The snow plow stand, a 2014 challenge winner submitted by the Southwest District, is a piece of metal that acts as a stand when attached to the snow plow. The stand makes attaching and detaching the plow quicker, simpler and safer, and it keeps the plow level. It helps reduce employee injuries by eliminating prying or pushing of the plow. The stand is now being used statewide to improve efficiency and safety.
their innovation to the event judges the afternoon prior to the showcase, which is the opening event for the annual DOMMInno meeting.

Aside from bragging rights, innovators have a chance to bring home cash awards and trophies. Judging panels will identify the top four innovations in their category, which comes with a cash award of up to $425 per person or maximum of $1,550 per team. The top two innovations in each category will also take home an extra $10,000 for the host division or district budget. Showcase visitors will be voting for the People’s Choice Award, and for the first year the department director will present the Director’s Safety Award.

Can’t wait for the showcase? You can get a sneak peek at the submission files at - Innovations Showcase (link works for employees only).

Here’s a list of the innovations that will be at the showcase:

Productivity Category
Aggregate Concrete Tracker
Articulated Saw Attachment
Electronic Bridge Memorandum
Hover Trimmer
Hydraulic Geometric Data Process
Invasive Weed Control Strike Team
LED Snow Plow Lights
Lighted ATV Whip on Tow Plow
Multi-Use Snow Removal Truck
One-Time Bridge Delineator
Request for Environmental Services Form
Road Closed Flip Sign
Snow Personnel Database
Striping Database
Temporary Mailboxes
Tow Plow Camera
Web Application for Project Numbers
Projects Category
Adjustable Guardrail
Back 2 Basics Videos
Construction Database Report
Crash Trend Spreadsheet
Electronic Bidding and Contracting
Follow-Up Form
Horizontal Curve Inventory
Inlaid Pavement Markers
KC News
Live Traffic Data
MCS Safety Audit Process
Median Barrier Wall Modification
MoDOT Values Videos
Reflective Advance Warning Flags
Scratch and Chip
SharePoint CUF Forms
SharePoint Project Management System
State Map GIS Conversion
Stay-In-Place Form Hanger
Striped Roundabout
Weathering Steel Washers

Tool & Equipment Category

CMP Clamp
Gear Box Shaft Bit Attachment
GPS Roadside Obstacle Marker
Guardrail Cable Sprayer
Hand Telespar Base Puller
Heated Stay Back Sign
Material Load Indicator
Pull Paver Shaker
Sign Base Cleaner
Sign Post Driver
Signal Loop Tester
Socket Wrench Attachment
Spare Tire Road Sign Hauler
Stow Assist
Striping Bead Filter
Tailgate Chipper
Tie Rod Boots
Tow Plow Sign
Trimline Carrier
Wing Plow Strobes

Team Talk - Doing a Great Job With Winter Operations

Hello Team MoDOT! I don’t know about you, but the seesaw weather has got me confused! But…23 days left until spring and at least we’re not in Boston.

Actually, this hasn’t been a very bad winter so far, knock on wood, and Dave, Ed, Kathy and I are all very proud of how Team MoDOT has tackled winter weather operations. It is always wonderful to hear you are doing a great job, and I was humbled at the amount of feedback we received on social media saying how well MoDOT has done clearing roads and keeping Missourians safe.

thank youI know some of you may have seen these kind messages on our Facebook account, but I wanted to share a few.

“Thanks to the women and men of MoDOT, making the traveling safer.” – Hobbes Tayloe

“You guys don’t get enough credit. We take our clean streets for granted. Great job MoDOT and thank you!”
– Gary Jokisch

“Thank you MoDOT for all your hard work keeping our families safe and our roads clear! We appreciate it!”
– Amber Davenport Wiggins

“You guys have been doing an amazing job keeping the roads as clear as you can! Thanks for all the hard work!”
– Whitney Russ

“Thank you for all that you do! Working all those crazy hours to get the roads clear!”
– Jennifer Bone

“Thank you to the men and women that take care of us by taking care of our roads!” – Kathy Hinkebein

“Thank you MoDOT workers!” – Kathy Fisher
“You guys have done amazing! Thank you for all you do!” – Rebecca Sewell

“Thank you MoDOT for making our roads safe for our travels!”
– Catherine Creason

“So thankful to all these people who put in some really long hours for us to drive safe on the roads.”
– Lena Franklin

“Your department impressed me today. I reported a problem with a road sign through your website and your crews showed up to fix it within an hour. Good job, thank you!”
– Mick Fischer

“Thanks for all your hard work!”
– Jamie Galemore

These comments really lifted my spirits on such a cold and snowy weekend. And I know that there are hundreds more members of Team MoDOT who aren’t sitting in the plows or in the emergency operations centers, but are also geared up to do the job, whatever it may be, every day. I hope that each of you on Team MoDOT understands how your passion for public service, and particularly for the safety of others, enhances the lives of Missourians not just by clearing snow, but in the work you do all year round.

If you hear family and friends talking about winter weather here in Missouri don’t forget to remind them to download the Traveler Information Map on their phone so they know road conditions before they travel. Safety is everyone’s priority. Stay safe and warm Team MoDOT.

Getting Social with MoDOT
Old Content, New Tricks
Over the last seven years, MoDOT has cultivated an audience through social media. We’ve learned the best ways to engage that audience and watched as that audience has grown making MoDOT a leader in social media among other state departments of transportation.

The social media outlet that drives the most engagement for MoDOT is our Facebook page, which grew through the year of 2014 from just over 15,000 followers to almost 36,000. To date in 2015, the page boasts a little over 41,000 followers. MoDOT uses this following to spread awareness for work zone safety, the importance of safe driving practices and buckling up, MoDOT funding issues, the work we are doing throughout the state, road closures and messaging alerting Missourians of winter weather road conditions.

During winter weather MoDOT keeps Missourians up to date on road conditions by posting images of the Traveler Information Map along with a link to the website and advice to download the mobile app. Along with these road condition posts, MoDOT includes safety tips for driving in winter weather and other winter weather related content.

Click above to watch an old video on shoveling snow that has a whole new following on social media this winter.

Before a winter snow event on Feb. 20, we shared an animated video on our Facebook page on best practices when shoveling snow to avoid having to shovel snow again after plows go down the road. As of Feb. 24, the video had reached almost 12 million people.

On Facebook a post “reach” simply means that the content showed up in a user’s home news feed, but a reach of nearly 12 million is very impressive for a department of transportation page. Of the people who saw this video a total of 3,743,621 people watched it. Over 1,300 people commented on it on MoDOT’s page alone, and that post was shared by over 77,000 people. Those that shared and commented on the video were from all over the United States.

This animated video was created in December of 2010 by Olmedo Herrera, a multimedia services specialist in the customer relations division. The video had been shared before on social media but it wasn’t until this year that it became massively popular for MoDOT’s page.

“It’s crazy to see something I created go viral like that.” said Herrera. “I am proud of that video but it took me by surprise to hear that something I made almost five years ago is so popular on Facebook right now.”

Follow MoDOT’s statewide account on Facebook. Go to and click “like” at the top of the page. To follow MoDOT’s other statewide social media accounts use the following links.

Safe Materials and Waste Minimization Efforts in Maintenance

Safety is the top priority for MoDOT with the key element of doing our jobs using safe products. Staff from MoDOT’s Divisions of Maintenance, Risk Management, General Services and Design Environmental Section are taking a series of actions to reduce the quantity and/or toxicity of hazardous waste associated with its operations primarily for maintenance employees and general services mechanics. These efforts will reduce the volume of hazardous waste generated by MoDOT operations, reduce MoDOT staff exposure to hazardous chemicals, insure compliance with environmental rules and reduce our regulatory reporting requirements.

Maintenance workers and mechanics are replacing their daily work products with items like the ones shown here that do not have chlorinated solvents.

The biggest effort involves removing chlorinated solvent products from the daily work of our maintenance workers and mechanics.

“Suppliers have been willing to find us alternative products without these solvents,” said Senior Environmental Specialist Bill Wilder. “Posters are being provided to the buildings across the state showing examples of products to use and those which should no longer be used.”

Maintenance Division is also working to evaluate alternative parts washers, which do not contain chlorinated solvents. Mechanic feedback on performance will be sought to aid in recommendations on future purchase of alternate units. Maintenance Division has committed to funding at least one alternate parts washer system per district.

Currently MoDOT has six sites classified as small quantity hazardous waste generator sites, which require more extensive management of waste materials, including aerosol cans which are not completely emptied. Employees at these sites will be trained by the environmental staff on the proper way to dispose of used but not completely emptied aerosol can products.

The Bridge Maintenance Crew’s painting operations has been the largest generator of hazardous waste (sand blast debris with lead paint chips) which requires the small quantity generator designation.

“One step in our efforts is to review our current volume of lead paint waste,” said Maintenance Liaison Engineer Ken Warbritton. “Since we paint less now than in the past, we believe we can effectively reduce the regulatory burden by requesting Missouri Department of Natural Resources consider re-designation of sites with reduced paint waste around the state.

Environmental staff are reviewing proposed regulations in order to develop training for field units on upcoming rules related to solvent-contaminated wipes. Later this year, MDNR will provide direction on management of cloth or paper (disposable) wipes, which are used with solvent for parts cleaning operations. Watch for more information and training programs on the proper disposal procedures.

Tough Choices Ahead - Information for Employees

How is MoDOT going to prioritize construction and maintenance work in 2017?
To make the biggest impact with limited funds, the department will categorize our roads into two groups: primary roads and supplementary roads, and we’ll call it Missouri’s 325 System. Improvements and capital investments will only be made on primary roads and bridges. Supplementary roads and bridges will receive only limited routine maintenance work.

Tough ChoicesHow did we decide to focus our funding on the primary and supplementary routes?
The primary roads are set forth in state law and defined by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission as those routes that connect the state’s communities, as opposed to roads that are used primarily for local travel.

The primary routes are approximately 8,000 miles that form an interconnected system, providing direct service to most cities with a population of 1,000 or more. Nearly all Missouri’s major roadways are part of the primary system. Only those major routes that function as business routes, loops or more like local roadways are excluded from the primary system.

We have decided to focus our limited resources on the primary system because it offers equity across the state between urban and rural areas. Every county in the state has at least one highway on the primary system.

The primary system is different from MoDOT’s current roadway classification of major and minor roadways. Under that system, major roads make up 20 percent of the entire highway system and carry 80 percent of the traffic, but are confined to limited areas of the state.

What will happen to the supplementary roads and bridges?
While we’ll be able to keep our primary roads and bridges in good condition, taking care of the supplementary roads is another story. These roads will only receive routine maintenance like pothole repairs and patching. Safety on these supplementary routes could be compromised as well. Already, nearly half of the fatalities on state highways occur on supplementary roads. Moving forward, we won’t have the resources to resurface these roads, much less add safety features, such as shoulders and rumble strips.

Over the next decade, supplementary routes will become a patchwork of repairs, resulting in a rough ride for motorists. Heavy loads on bridges will be limited, and some bridges could be closed indefinitely.

It’s important to remember that the supplementary roads include significant urban routes. These roads do not connect the state’s system of roads and bridges, but fill a more local transportation need. These roads will only receive routine maintenance. Still, they carry high traffic volumes – anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 vehicles per day.

Fatality Update
Feb 2015 Fatality Graphic
What's Happening

TeamsEmployee Survey Teams Update

Although the official February 20th deadline for sending employee feedback has passed, we will gladly accept any additional comments.

We have currently received over 1,250 feedback forms that represent the views of over 1,500 employees!

Our team leaders will be scheduling video conferences or conference calls with all of their sub-team members this week. This will allow the sub-team members to express the views and comments they received during the past three weeks of conversations with coworkers. Our team leaders will then continue to summarize and prioritize the views and issues associated with “Total Compensation”.

On behalf of the Total Compensation Team and all of our sub-team members, thank you for taking the time to send us your comments.

Choose One

New Safety Posters Coming Soon

The newest Choose One safety posters will be delivered to all facilities within the next couple of weeks. These laminated posters focus on the importance of wearing a safety harness for fall protection and wearing safety glasses for eye protection.

The posters are intended to make employees think about the choices they have when it comes to safety. They are also a good tool for morning safety discussions to start a conversation about safety procedures and personal protection equipment.

When supervisors receive these new posters, we ask that you use the safety harness side of the poster first; then in June, flip the poster to the safety glasses message. Also, since we want to focus on one safety message at a time, please remove other Chose One posters hanging in your buildings. The intention is to use these posters again, so please designate a location for storage.

All of the Choose One posters can be found on the comprehensive safety site – Safety Posters.


TrackerCelebrating Tracker in Video

This year MoDOT is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tracker, the performance management tool that allows us to measure how well products and services are delivered to customers.

Check out this video about Tracker on MoDOT’s webpage - Tracker 10th Anniversary.

MoDOT Director Search

by Stephen Miller

Chairman, Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission

LogoMoDOT’s director Dave Nichols, announced his retirement effective May 1, 2015. The Commission believes the best way to find the best leader for Missouri’s future is through a national search. This process gives us a thoughtful way to address MoDOT’s needs and hear ideas from candidates across the country. Despite our current lack of funding, MoDOT remains a high functioning DOT that is highly regarded as a transportation leader in the country.

By creating a national pool of candidates, external and internal, the Commission seeks to give employees and our state great leadership to address our challenges. We expect that the search will last into the fall and we will name an interim director at our April meeting to assume responsibilities after May 1. Dave will be sorely missed but the Commission expects a very smooth transition in leadership.

Thank you for your continued dedication, hard work and service to Missouri.

traffic conference logo66th Annual Traffic and Safety Conference
MoDOT, Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the University of Missouri are holding the 66th Annual Traffic & Safety Conference in Columbia May 12 thru 14 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

The conference planning team is finalizing an excellent agenda that includes transportation experts from across the country speaking about innovations in traffic safety and operations. Seminars will be held on Tuesday afternoon and a research poster competition sponsored by the Central Missouri Institute of Transportation Engineers is also included.

The conference provides an opportunity to network with other traffic and safety professionals and learn about new traffic engineering technologies and safety strategies. An exhibit hall will display products and services from local and regional vendors, showcase transportation-related organizations and share traffic programs to improve safety and mobility.

Registration is available by clicking here -

trafficStates Seek Alternatives for Highway, Bridge Funding
An article on the condition of transportation infrastructure, written by David Lieb of the Missouri Associated Press, was released nationally by the AP and can be read here – States Seek Alternatives for Highway, Bridge Funding.

February Retirements

Michael T. Gardner – NW – 36 years
Karen M. Huber – NW – 21 years
Terry L. Hancock – NE – 26 years
Arturo Gonzalez – KC – 23 years
Christine A. Anderson – KC – 28 years
Larry J. Sutton – CD – 10 years
Pamela J. Garber – CD – 24 years

Dale A. Baumhoer – CD – 37 years
Brian L. Plaster – CD – 8 years
Anthony R. Utz – SL – 30 years
Joey F. Aldridge – SW – 22 years
Donald Q. Taylor – SW – 30 years
Murray O. Schreiner – SW – 13 years

Doug E. Cron – SW – 30 years

Deborah R. Strobel – SE – 29 years
Curtis W. Baldridge – SE – 30 years
Joyce A. Lootens – CO – 24 years
Tina V. Vogt – CO – 21 years
Randy J. Kelley – CO – 26 years
Pamela A. Hoelscher – CO – 13 years

In Memoriam

Roger Turner - active employee
KC – January 27
Joshua Johnson - active employee
SL – February 10
Richard Donehue
CO – January 27
Robert Hill
former D1 – January 30
Arnold Rehagen
CO – February 3

Richard Gillis
former D4 – February 4
Ronald Feucht
former D6 – February 5
Jewell Daniels
former D4 – February 8
Billy Johnson
former D1 – February 10

Everett Gillespie
former D2 – February 10
Robert Ruble
former D3 – February 15
Chester Fritch
former D3 – February 15
Max Day
former D10 – February 15


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