March 26, 2015

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Campbell Recalls Crash in WZAW Video

When motorists refuse to pay attention on the roadway, especially in work zones, too often they pay a high price because of a crash. This price might be paid in the form of property damage, or worse an injury or fatality.

Jefferson City Senior Maintenance Worker Scott Campbell experienced a crash first hand as a driver in a slow-moving mobile work zone last spring. He tells his crash story in a brief video designed to ask motorists to pay attention and avoid distracted driving. The video can be found at the right or on You Tube at

Campbell was driving the last truck in a striping train traveling eastbound on Route 50 just outside of Jefferson City, when the incident occurred in April of 2014. A motorist drove around the early warning truck and did not pay attention to the striping trucks in the slow-moving work zone. The driver did not reduce speed and struck Campbell’s striping truck from behind.

“With the early warning truck and the flashing lights, I don’t know why he didn’t see me,” Campbell said. “I saw him coming up pretty fast. I looked ahead and then I heard screeching tires behind me. That’s when I knew I was in trouble.”

Fortunately, Campbell’s vehicle was equipped with a truck mounted attenuator (TMA), a device designed to reduce the impact of a rear-end crash. As a result, both Campbell and the other driver were not seriously injured in the crash.

“If he hadn’t hit me just right and if that TMA wasn’t on the truck, it could have been really bad,” said Campbell. “We were both very lucky.”

“Sadly, too many of our employees can tell crash stories similar to the one Scott has shared,” said MoDOT Central District Engineer David Silvester. “Scott was very fortunate that he can tell the tale, but we’d like to be able to ensure that our workers never have to experience another crash due to distracted driving.”

It’s not just MoDOT workers who are at risk due to distracted driving in work zones. Between 2010 and 2014, 53 people were killed and 3,347 people were injured in Missouri work zones. The top five contributing circumstances for work zone crashes in 2014 were following too closely, inattention, improper lane use or changing lanes, failure to yield, and driving too fast for conditions – in that order.

Campbell hopes his story will save lives by encouraging drivers to pay attention and slow down, especially when encountering highway work zones.

Snapping Selfies With Baby Bob at the Mall

WZAWCollageBabyBobWe invite you to take a “selfie” with mascot Baby Barrel Bob at the Columbia Mall from March 23-29. Baby Barrel Bob’s appearance at the mall is part of MoDOT’s campaign to help raise awareness for work zone safety by reminding motorists to “protect your selfie” and others by avoiding distracted driving.

Baby Bob is stationed near the children’s play area inside the Columbia Mall at 2300 Bernadette Drive in Columbia. We encourage you to post your “selfie” with Bob on Facebook and tag “MoDOT Central Missouri District” to help remind motorists to drive safely through highway work zones. You can also tweet your “selfie” with Bob on Twitter to @MoDOT_Central with the hashtag “#ProtectYourSelfie.”

If you’re unable to make it to the Columbia Mall, MoDOT welcomes “selfies” that promote safe driving, such as buckling up, but reminds you never to take photos while driving. Selfies can be e-mailed to, tagged to MoDOT Central Missouri District on Facebook or hashtagged #ProtectYourSelfie for use on the district’s social media pages.

For more information on work zone awareness, including videos, games and driving tips, visit In addition, Barrel Bob can be found on Facebook at

Anglen Helps Motorist During Snow Storm
Aaron Anglen

Aaron Anglen, a Senior Historic Preservation Specialist, was plowing snow for the Central District on Feb. 20 when he noticed a van stuck on the wrong side of Route 163 near Rock Bridge State Park.

Rebecca Porath, a customer from Columbia, had been driving that evening and her van hit an icy patch going downhill and slid into the opposite lane.

"I couldn't move the van for fear that I would slide off the hill and into a steep roadside ditch," she said.

Anglen pulled over and began to assist a grateful Porath.

"Aaron arrived in a salt truck," said Porath, "and in treacherous and very slippery conditions, he put salt into his own lunch cooler and sprinkled it all around my vehicle and the vehicles stuck behind me. I was then able to get back on the road and follow his salt truck home after that."

Porath wanted to send out her thanks to Aaron for getting her out of what she called, "a terrifying experience."

"It was a good lesson to pay attention to the weather forecast," said Porath. "Thank goodness Aaron was there to help. I am very appreciative of his efforts."

Shout Out to Barrel Bob's District Staff

BobsBoys324We'd like to send out a special thanks this week to the hard-working men and women who take care of MoDOT's mascot Barrel Bob in the Central District!

Meet the Barrel Bob bunch:

District General Services Manager Coleen Welter is the coordinator for Barrel Bob. If Bob needs to hit the road, she makes sure of the who's, what's, when's, where's and how's.

Senior Equipment Technician Allen Kliethermes makes sure that repairs are made to Barrel Bob and that he's looks as good as a 12-foot orange guy can possibly look.

Meanwhile, Senior Supply Agents Alvin Wolfe, Keith Jacobsen and Equipment Technician Rodney Colbert, work with our maintenance staff across the Central District to make sure that Bob is dressed to the nines, buckled up, strapped down and is chauffeured wherever he needs to go.

That can be quite the job. Because our man Bob is seriously in demand. The Big Guy has quite the travel itinerary. One week he's living it up in Rolla, the next he's hanging out in Columbia and then the following week he's chillin' at the Lake of the Ozarks. And it's the hard-working staff that makes Bob's appearances possible.

Thank you once again for everything that is done behind the scenes to make sure Bob shows up on time and looks like a million bucks.

Keep up the good work!

Work Zone Awareness Week
ScottCampbellWZAW32415 Jefferson City Senior Maintenance Worker Scott Campbell (right) is interviewed by an ABC 17 television reporter during MoDOT's Work Zone Awareness Week Kickoff event on March 23 in Jefferson City.
BarrelBobWZAW32315 Barrel Bob poses near a vehicle equipped with a Truck Mounted Attenuator during MoDOT's Work Zone Awareness Week Kickoff event on March 23.


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