November 20, 2014

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Central District

Central District Celebrates Veterans

On Nov. 12, the Central District partnered with Central Office to honor active and retired veterans in what will become an annual ceremony.

The district celebrated 13 employees at the ceremony. Please join us in thanking our veterans and their families for their sacrifices and for their dedication and service to our state and country.


Central District veterans honored at the ceremony were:


James Beattie
Army and Army Reserve

Senior Highway Designer

Eric J. Denton
Air Force

Senior Maintenance Worker

Carl Mosely


Senior Maintenance Worker

Joe Bax

District Land Survey Manager

Jeff Keeven
Maintenance Crew Leader

Susan Ringeisen

Senior Maintenance Worker

Larry Joe Sutton
Air Force

Crew Leader

Daniel Germann

Army and National Guard

Vienna South Lube Crew

Thomas Holland

Intermediate Crew Worker

Jeff Withington


Senior Maintenance Worker

Curt Holland


Bridge Maintenance

Travis Caringer


Bridge Maintenance

Randy Blalock

Army and National Guard

Seasonal Maintenance Worker

Highway Dedications Held in Irondale

HighUDedicationsThis month the Central District helped organize two highway dedications in memory of two historic Irondale natives.

Aviation pioneer Thomas W. Benoist had a stretch of Highway U dedicated in his honor on Nov. 8 and legendary Army Ranger SGM Patrick R. Hurley had another portion of Highway U dedicated in his honor on Veterans Day.

Benoist was an Irondale native and was an early aviation pioneer who formed the world’s first aircraft parts distribution company and started a successful aircraft manufacturing company. From January to April of 1914 he operated the world’s first scheduled airline with daily flights from St. Petersburg to Tampa Bay in Florida. One of his planes also took part in the world’s first parachute jump from an motor-powered aircraft in 1912.

Hurley was an Army Ranger who was one of the first members selected for the Army Special Operations Unit known as Delta Force. The Irondale native was killed in action in 1991 while serving in Operation Desert Storm and was inducted into the U.S. Army Ranger Hall of Fame. The Army has also named Hurley Lake at Fort Bragg in honor of the Irondale native.

Pictures from both of these ceremonies can be found at our Central District Flickr page at

Thomas W. Benoist Memorial Highway Dedication

SGM Patrick R. Hurley Memorial Highway Dedication


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Sally Oxenhandler
Customer Relations Manager
Central District

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