February 26, 2015

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Central District
Seven Innovations Selected for Showcase

2015ShowcaseCollage1Seven Central District innovations have been selected for the 2015 Innovations Challenge Showcase to be presented April 27 and 28 at the Springfield Convention Center. Innovations were judged on efficiency, value (cost & quality), safety and organizational and environmental impact. Each district selects submissions and a statewide evaluation team chooses the best innovations to compete at the Showcase. Congratulations to our innovative Central District employees.  We wish you the very best at the Showcase!

The district innovations selected for the Showcase are (organized by category):



Striped Roundabout

Submitted by Ryan Libbert and Kent Bohon along with the team of Bob Lynch, Cindy Kremer, Bruce Green, Jacob Ray, Trent Brooks, John Schaefer, Erica Ross, Danny Roeger, Dirk Honeycutt, Norb Dickneite, Terry Blankenship, John Patterson, Donald Hake, Loren Groose, Clint Jones, Joe Martin, Jamey Asahl, Allan Haslag and Rodney Whittle.

Description: This is an alternative to a traditional roundabout, which has raised concrete islands. This alternative is simply a striping pattern that provides the benefit and functionality of a roundabout at a fraction of the cost.

2015ShowcaseCollage2TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT

Trim Line Carrier

Submitted by Donald Maddox and Brad Murray.

Description: This improvement allows a full set of trim line channelizers to be stored with the message board and thus less likely to be forgotten.

Tie Road Boots

Submitted by Chris Stuckenschneider of General Services Fleet Support.

Description: This is a simple addition to the tractor tie rod that further protects it from weed/brush damage thereby reducing future maintenance costs.


Gear Box Shaft Bit Attachment

Submitted by Lewis Trapanier, Zach Honse and Juan Guillen.

Description: This is a specially built drill bit that can reverse a spreader gear box without the need for a pipe wrench, thus preventing unneeded damage to the gear box shaft.


Articulated Saw Attachment

Submitted by Brian McMillian, Jason Harmon, Thomas Cox, Adam Perrett, Dave McGinnis, Brenda McClain, Jeannie West, Ronnie Pyatt, Dustin Hardy, and Ronald Laney.

Description: This is a purchased product that attaches to a back hoe and can be turned on multiple axes to remove overhanging limbs in a quick and efficient way. It serves as an alternative to the Jarraff Tree Trimmer.

Electronic Striping Database

Submitted by Brandon Schreimann and Joe Moore.

Description: Using ArcMAP 10, this group created a striping map that can be shared on SharePoint.  This process allows for the year's striping plan to be shared for the district as a whole, as well as provides individualized plans for each maintenance area.  This allows for a better sharing of information, which results in less re-striping and a more efficient use of department resources.

Hover Trimmer

Submitted by William Sentman, Jarrett Reedy, Nathan Ragsdale, Leroy Barton, Randy Lea, Brian Black, Mike Halbert, Jeff Manthey, Andrea Starkey, Alan McBride, Justin Nash, Jason King, Justin Sundell, Kit Horbyk, John Evans, Ken Thomas, Calvin Bunton, Kyle Good, and Karl Desch.

Description: This is a purchased item that can be attached to a weed or brush trimmer.  This attachment reduces the amount of thrown debris as compared to traditional string trimmer and thus increases safety for MoDOT staff and the traveling public.

Dudenhoeffer Helps Launch Online Form

ClaimFormConnectionsCustomer service is one of our top priorities. Central District Senior Risk Management Technician, Brenda Dudenhoeffer, proved that to be true when she decided to go the extra mile to make the process of filing third-party damage claims easier and more efficient. As a result, MoDOT now has an online claim form customers can use.

"The online claim form allows us to conduct business more professionally and efficiently,” said Dudenhoeffer. “Before the claim form, every district had a different way of gathering the information. The new form will make the process uniform statewide and will also make it quicker and easier for our customers to file claims.”


Set up by Customer Relations Manager Matt Hiebert and Customer Relations Specialist Kellen Burns, the form is easy to use and requires a minimal amount of a customer’s time and energy. It’s similar to the way most insurance companies handle claims.


Customers who have damage claims can simply visit: Claimants are prompted to answer a series of questions and then asked to hit the submit button. The customer's claim is automatically routed to the appropriate district based on the county chosen.


Each claim is assigned a claim number and responded to within a minimum of 1-2 days. From that point, verification has to be made that the claim is valid. Once verification is received, the claim is entered into the system and routed to Central Office for final processing. From the time the claim is received to final processing, a claim usually takes about 3-5 business days to be completed.


We’d like to thank Brenda, Matt and Kellen for helping to provide this valuable service to our customers across Missouri!

Customer Sends Thanks to Snow Fighters

Vicki Gibbons, a customer from Rolla, recently sent us an e-mail thanking our workers for yet another job well done during this last winter storm:

"Thank you MoDOT for doing an incredible job on the roads last Tuesday. I drove from Memphis, TN to Rolla taking Route 240 to Route 40 in TN and Route 55 in AR and MO, and Routes 270 and I-44 to Rolla. Once I hit the MO/AR line the roads were clear all the way (in Missouri). Prior to that the road conditions were not the best. A big Thank You."

We'd like to join Vicki in thanking all the MoDOT workers who brave the winter weather to clear our roads and all the employees who work inside to support them!

Congratulations to . . .



For more info

Sally Oxenhandler
Customer Relations Manager
Central District

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