May 21, 2015

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Central District

Central District Employees Selected

for APEX Program

APEX 2015 Connect
Intermediate Construction Inspector Danny Roeger (left) and Senior Traffic Studies Specialist Garrett Depue have recently been selected for the APEX cross training program.

Two Central District employees were selected to participate in the APEX Accelerated PE Cross Training program this year: Senior Traffic Studies Specialist Garrett Depue and Intermediate Construction Inspector Daniel Roeger.

The program is designed to help accelerate and maximize the potential of professional engineering employees through rotational cross-training development.

Over the course of a year, each employee in the program is assigned to a MoDOT department which will focus the employee’s experience in one specialty area. It also expands their knowledge at MoDOT through rotational assignments in four areas selected by the employee, their leadership advisor and the program delivery leadership group.

Roeger welcomes the chance to learn new things and to be removed from his comfort zone.

“I’m honored, excited, and anxious,” said Roeger. “It’s a great feeling knowing my bosses trust that I’ll succeed in other divisions, but I’m also a little nervous. In construction, structure and repetition is comfortable – surprises are usually problems. I’ve been taken out of my routine and been placed in a new environment, and I can only grow from it.”

Depue also sees the program as an opportunity to build relationships within MoDOT.

“I see being a part of the program as a privilege,” said Depue. “I'm excited to get out of the environment I know and explore new frontiers. I hope to become a well-rounded MoDOT engineer by learning some new skills and by getting exposed to different division operations. The best part of this program I think will be to meet new co-workers and build and use those relationships to do my job and serve the public better.”

This year, Roeger will cross train in each of the following departments or projects: Local Programs and Planning; Project Management and Administration; Highway Design and the Columbia I-70 Design/Build project. Depue will rotate through the Construction; Central Office Highway Safety and Traffic; Local Programs and Planning; and Highway Design divisions.

Submit Employee Concerns to CDEAEC

EAC Connections 2015
District EAEC/EAC representatives meet to discuss employee policies and concerns at a recent meeting in May.

It’s the mission of the Central District Employee Advisory Extension Council (CDEAEC) to help foster and enhance a positive work environment for all district employees. The CDEAEC exists to assist management and employees with communication issues, policy understanding, general concerns and improvement of district operations.

If you would like to submit a concern to the CDEAEC, you can submit an online EAC form or print out a written form, located at this address: http://sharepoint/facilitation/EOD/eac/SitePages/Home.aspx

You can also contact a district representative near you.

Central District representatives and their contact information can be found at this address:

Around the District
PrestonConnect201505 Area Engineer Preston Kramer introduces Cyndra Lorey, Executive Director of the Rolla Regional Economic Commission, during a Highways and Transportation Commission meeting on May 6 in Jefferson City. Lorey spoke about partnering with MoDOT to bring economic prosperity to the city of Rolla.
JeffCitySidewalks2015 Transportation Project Manager Bruce Green (left) and District Design Manager Natalie Roark (right) discuss ADA sidewalk improvements along Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City with a citizen during a public meeting at the Central District Office.

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Sally Oxenhandler
Communications Manager
Central District

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