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Standard Prequalification Process - Step 4

Financial Information

  Helpful Links

For assistance in completing the following financial documents, refer to the Helpful links or direct questions to External Audits at 573-751-7446.

Financial information should reflect the most recent completed fiscal year and must be submitted no later than six months after the close of that fiscal year.

The Department will examine the application and notify the company of any apparent errors or omissions and request any additional information required by the Department to properly evaluate the application. The company must submit any requested information to the Department within 30 days of receipt of the Department’s request for such information.

MoDOT Financial Prequalification Process - Presentation

What do I need to provide to successfully complete the Financial Prequalification Process?

What is a Risk Based Assessment?


Federal Aid Training Videos

Federal Acquisition Regulations

Federal Order 4470.1A - Establish Indirect Cost on Engineering Design-Related Services



1.  Financial Prequalification Cover Page - required for new and renewal submittals


2.  Indirect Cost Rate Schedule (IDC) commonly referred to as an Overhead Rate Schedule

IDC Overview - required for new and renewal submittals

List of Common Unallowable Costs

Required Sample Format - IDC

Sample Format - IDC with Contract/Purchased Labor

MoDOT Contract/Purchased Labor Policy





3. Executive Compensation - required for new and renewal submittals

Option A:   Prepare using the National Compensation Matrix

Option B:   Provide a Compensation Analysis using Salary Surveys


Option C:   Provide a table showing the position titles of all the executives, total wages paid including taxable fringe benefits, and total bonuses paid

Position Title
Total wages paid including taxable fringe benefits
Total bonuses paid

4.  Certificate of Final Indirect Costs - required for new and renewal submittals (revised 8/31/16)

5. Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) for Consulting Engineers

Scroll down the AASHTO website and select Updated ICQ

Double click to Open the file

Select File

Select Save As

*     Thoroughly answer each question to complete the ICQ. 

*     The ICQ must be signed and dated.

*     Ensure all requested policies, timesheets, billing rates and other requested information

       is included in the prequalification package.

ICQ Overview

Additional Resource Information by ICQ Section

Renewal Information

Your firm may elect to provide the first page and updated signature page of the

ICQ document a year after a complete ICQ was submitted. However, a complete ICQ

will be required every other year. 

The renewal document must note any changes to organizational structure or accounting practices from previous ICQ submittal.

Related Party Rent

Related Party Rent Worksheet

Related Party Rent Policy

Facilities Cost of Capital Rates

Questions and submittals may be directed to MoDOT Audits and Investigation Division - Sandra Riley at (573) 522-2002 or at Sandra.Riley@modot.mo.gov

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