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View from the Commission

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The View from the Chair is a personal newsletter prepared by the Chairman of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.  This newsletter is available to fellow transportation advocates following each Commission meeting to inform you on the important issues we face.  Past issues of the newsletter are available below.  If you would like to receive this newsletter please select the subscribe link and enter the requested information so you too may receive the View from the Chair.



Issues by year:



September 13: Legislative Priorities Focus on Safety, Innovation, & Federal Mandates
August 10: Visit the Highway Gardens at this year's Missouri State Fair
July 14: Thank You, Stephen Miller
June 15: A Final View
February 11: Cost-share is a helpful tool, but not a solution to current crisis
February 4: There are many pieces to the transportation funding puzzle
January 25: Not all funding solutions are created equal
January 19: We are at risk of squandering our natural gifts
January 11: The New Year opens with pain, pride and promise


December 31: How did we get here?
December 23: Caring for the home we love
December 18: Increased effficiency is always the goal - but it is not the solution
December 9: Long-term federal bill is most welcomed but does not fix the problem
November 25: Let's give thanks for our blessings - and pass them on
November 12: Missourians deserve solutions, not excuses
November 5: MHTC Announces New MoDOT Director
October 27: Legislative leaders speak in favor of transportation funding
September 30: Another unseen casualty: the loss of talent
September 18: Unseen Casualties: Lost companies, jobs and opportunities
September 8: Progress on the "Road to Tomorrow"
Aug 26: Safety is a Casualty of Funding Shortage
Aug 14: The Problem Is Real When It Is In My Backyard
July 24: Will We Take the Bait?
July 6: Not All New Years Are Happy
July 2: Meet Genevieve
June 5: Road To Tomorrow
June 1: Interstate 70: Both Asset and Liability
May 27: Missouri, We Have a Problem
May 22: The History I Remember: The Effort Not the End
May 7th: Emergency Closure of Major Missouri River Bridge
May 1st: Don't Blame Washington; This One's On Us
April 24th: For What Will We Be Remembered?
April 14th: Let's Make Certain We Get The First 2 Cents This Year
April 9th: Small Ball Wins Games
April 7th: Leaders on All Sides Step Forward To Advance '2+2+2+Indexing'
April 3rd: It's All About the People


July 9th: Final List Demonstrates Statewide Impact for Transportation
July 3rd: Comments Stream in on Missouri's Transportation Needs
July 1st: Statewide Benefits Are Numerous From CA-7 Draft Project List
June 26th: Public Comment Continues on Draft project list for CA-7
June 12th: Commission Seeks Maximum Input from Missourians
June 3rd: Robust Discussion Continues as Project List Matures
May 30th: Commission Alters Schedule to Prepare for August Election
May 23rd: Regions Begin Prioritizing Projects for New Revenue Stream
May 14th: General Assembly Passes HJR68!
April 17th: HJR68 Clears the Senate Transporation Committee
April 11th: BREAKING NEWS: HJR68 Passes the House; On to the Senate!






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