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MoDOT Hopes You See Orange - Not Red - This Construction Season

April 19-23 is Work Zone Awareness Week

MoDOT is taking every precaution to make sure you don't see red when you encounter a highway work zone this construction season. Instead the agency is hoping you'll see orange and lots of it. Orange

Defining a Work Zone

For many MoDOT employees, a work zone is simply their office. Maintenance Worker Ray Waters is not a stranger to close calls. Hear his story about how he almost didn't make it home from his office one day. Work Zones

Only Trash Litters

More than 820 elementary and middle school students spent some time this winter making trash cans look like…. Well, not like trash cans! They painted, pasted, molded and bedazzled their trash cans all in the name of getting people to notice the place for trash is in the CAN. Don't forget April is No MOre Trash! month. Can

off the road news

MoDOT, Other Agencies Focus on Eliminating Tragedy on the Tracks

Governor Declares April 11-17 is Rail Safety Week

During Rail Safety Week, various partners throughout the state will be sending a clear message to motorists and pedestrians about the importance of safety at crossings and the deadly risks of trespassing on railroad tracks and property. Rail

All Aboard!

Since November 2009, and for the first time in history, Amtrak and MoDOT can announce 100 percent on-time performances for Missouri River Runner trains connecting Kansas City and St. Louis. This has been made possible due to rail improvements made just west of California, Mo. Amtrak

Missouri Has Two of the Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities
Bicycling Magazine includes Kansas City and St. Louis on their list of top 50 bike-friendly cities.
Check out the whole article on MoDOT's Facebook page. Bikes

Have you seen this

Prepare Yourself for That Split Second

It only takes a split second for your tires to drop off the roadway and your life to flash before your eyes.
Fifty percent of all traffic fatalities can be attributed to run-off road crashes. A new public service announcement from the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety aims to educate the public on how to recover from run-off-the-road crashes without overcorrecting. Run-off Road

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