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Missouri’s Most Traveled Roads in Good Condition 

The percentage of the state's busiest highways that are in good condition has grown more than 36 percent in the past five years. According to new figures released by MoDOT, more than 83 percent of Missouri's major roads are in good condition compared to 2004 when only 47 percent were in good condition. Roads

Commission Approves Final Recovery Act Project List

Transportation Improvements Expected to Directly or Indirectly Support 22,000 Jobs

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission gave approval recently to the final list of transportation projects to be funded by economic recovery funds. The transportation improvements are expected to directly or indirectly support 22,000 jobs. Projects

Winners of Battle of the Belt Challenge Announced

You’re Never Too Cool to Buckle Up. That was the message of the winning video for the 2008 Battle of the Belt challenge. For the third year, Missouri high schools competed against each other to increase safety belt use and save lives. BOTB

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Construction Season Approaching - Drivers Reminded Not to Barrel Through Work Zones

As highway construction season approaches, MoDOT is working to prevent work zone accidents by reminding motorists, “Don’t Barrel Through Work Zones.” Work Zone Awareness Week is April 6-10. Work Zones

MoDOT Asks Drivers to Rate Work Zones

Public Feedback Will Ensure Safety and Efficiency

For the first time, MoDOT is seeking traveler feedback on construction work zones on state highways with the goal of making them safer and better. A customer survey, available on MoDOT's Web site at, allows you to provide feedback on specific work zones through which you have traveled. Feedback

Painting the State Orange to Promote Work Zone Safety

MoDOT will once again host its signature effort, Operation Orange, during Work Zone Safety Awareness Week April 6-10, to remind motorists to drive safely in highway work zones. Operation Orange

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Get Work Zone Information on the Traveler Information Map

Want to know the latest on construction work near you? There’s a place you can go! MoDOT's Traveler Information Map may be Missouri’s number one tool for getting 24/7 work zone, flooding and incident information in one convenient location. Map

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