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In Flooded Areas Turn Around Don't Drown

Spring rains have flooded many rivers and streams in Missouri, sending water out of the banks and onto roads. MoDOT reminds drivers to "Turn Around - Don't Drown" as highways become impassable. Don't Drown

Teens Can Buckle Up and Win. Youth Seat Belt Campaign Encourages Teens to Make It Click

Seat belts save lives, but over the last three years (2009-2011), 254 teens were killed in Missouri traffic crashes. In addition to potentially saving your life, wearing your seat belt could have a second payoff.  Three hundred winners at high schools around the state will receive a $15 iTunes gift card when they are spotted buckled up. Click It  

Off the road news

Help Fight Litter through Missouri’s Annual No MOre Trash! Bash in April

Many signs of spring in Missouri are a welcome sight. Green shoots and flowering trees and bulbs promise warmer weather ahead. Unfortunately, other sights during spring aren't so welcome, such as litter along roads and highways, in our communities and in our outdoor spaces. Trash Bash

Safer Roads

Look Before You Book

There’s more to consider than price and convenience when buying a ticket or hiring a bus company for your group’s travel. A new SaferBus free app from the U.S. Department of Transportation lets you check bus companies' safety records before you book a trip. Safe Bus

A Parent's Insights on Safety Belts

It’s what some parents have called “the kindergarten pain”. You know it, that sharp, gut wrenching pain parents experience at many points in their lives. Arrive Alive

Have you seen this?

Bridge Building Ballet

Imagine trying to build an overpass above one of central Missouri's busiest highways. That's what's happening on U.S. 63 at the Route H overpass in Boone County. Bridge Ballet

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