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MoDOT Director Pete Rahn Announces Resignation

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission recently announced the resignation of Pete Rahn as MoDOT's director. Rahn’s resignation will be effective April 23, 2010. Rahn

Kevin Keith Selected as Interim Director of MoDOT

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission today selected Chief Engineer Kevin Keith to serve as interim director of MoDOT effective April 23, 2010. Keith will serve until a permanent director is selected following a national search that could take several months. Keith

Delayed Road and Bridge Projects Now Up For Bid

MoDOT Still Needs Long-Term Federal Funding Package

An extension of the surface transportation act now brings federal transportation funding levels back to $42 billion through Dec. 31, 2010. This corrects the shortfall to Missouri in federal funding for the reminder of the year, allowing MoDOT to proceed with bid openings for postponed projects. Projects

Let’s Pick It Up

April is No MOre Trash! Bash

All winter long we drive Missouri’s roads and see it. It’s in the grass, on the river banks, in the ditches, and it’s disgusting… litter. Luckily, April brings warmer weather and the annual No More Trash! Bash in Missouri. MoDOT is urging everyone to get out there and pick it up! Trash

More Excess Property to Be Sold

Thirty-two pieces of prime real estate throughout the state will go on the auction block April 26-30 when MoDOT holds its second Realty to Roads property blitz. Blitz

Shipping is Back on the Missouri River! Pivotal Year on Waterway

Cargo is once again moving on the river! A newly energized shipping year began by welcoming four barges onto the Missouri River. Drought and low water levels the past eight years almost sunk Missouri River cargo shipping, but there's a rejuvenated focus to bring river traffic back. River

safer roads

Bridge Construction Beginning In A Big Way

One of the busiest bridge construction seasons Missourians have ever seen is under way. As the weather improves in the coming weeks, bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects as part of the Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program will begin popping up all across the state, and that means motorists should prepare for road closures and detours. Bridges

MoDOT Weather Sensors a Winter Success

Instant weather information provided Missourians with safer roads this winter season, while also saving taxpayers money. MoDOT recently installed 13 weather sensors along Interstate 44 to create a road weather information system. Stations

When You Hear the Click

Under Missouri’s Graduated Drivers License Law, seat belt use is required for young drivers. Unfortunately, 40 percent of Missouri teens still don’t buckle up. Through the rest of March, law enforcement will issue tickets to unbuckled drivers. Click

Have you seen this

MoDOT News Now Front and Center New Online Options

A few new additions on the MoDOT home page now allow users to watch, read, or listen to transportation news. These helpful links will keep the public up to date and better informed. News  

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