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Commission Adopts Plan to Make MoDOT Smaller

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission on June 8 adopted a plan that will make MoDOT a smaller agency so more funding can be directed to needed road and bridge projects.  Bolder Five-Year Direction

MoDOT to Allow Overweight Loads of Sand and Gravel for Flood Fighting Efforts

In response to anticipated flooding, MoDOT is allowing heavier than normal loads of sand and gravel on select Missouri highways. Private and for hire motor carriers may carry up to 10 percent more than their licensed weight.  However, the heavier loads are not allowed to use interstate routes or national defense highway routes.  Overweight

Safe & Sound Bridge Program Reaches Halfway Point

To date, 410 new or rehabilitated bridges have been built under the Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program, pushing the effort to repair or replace 802 of the state's worst bridges past the halfway point.  Safe & Sound

Restriping Finished Ahead of Schedule

As part of its five-year plan to be more efficient and cut costs, MoDOT completed restriping 5,000 miles of the state’s most heavily traveled roads before Memorial Day.  Restriping

Catron Volunteer Fire Department Thanks MoDOT for Flood Help

Members of the Catron Volunteer Fire Department recently signed a letter thanking MoDOT employees for their hard work and dedication to the citizens of New Madrid County during the recent flooding.  Thanks

Safer Roads

Parents Hold the Keys to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the deadliest for drivers ages 15-20.  MoDOT offers some tips for keeping teen drivers safe.  Teen Drivers

Off the Road News

Truck Parking Increases

The number of state-provided safe, quiet truck parking spaces has nearly doubled in the past six years. Truck Parking

Operation Lifesaver Unveils Rail Safety Challenge

Statistics show that approximately one out of four railroad crossing crashes in the U.S. involve vehicles that require a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) to operate. To address this issue, Operation Lifesaver, Inc. recently unveiled a Rail Safety for Professional Drivers e-Learning program, an interactive experience that puts drivers behind the wheel of a truck for a ‘virtual’ road trip.  Rail Safety Challenge



Fast Forward for Success

Your link to innovative business, policy and engineering solutions has just arrived! A quick mouse click will connect you to the latest research and success stories at MoDOT.  FASTforward

Have you seen this?

Where Would You Go . . .

MoDOT employee Greg Chapman and his brother, Mark, play in a band called the Mark Chapman Band.  They wrote a song called "Where Would You Go (If You Couldn't Go Home)."  The song and video are posted on YouTube and all proceeds from downloads go to the American Red Cross to help the Joplin relief effort.  Joplin

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