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Transportation Funding Crisis Forces Bolder Direction for MoDOT

Faced with a severe decline in funding and the inability to match federal funds in the near future, MoDOT Director Kevin Keith on May 4 presented a plan to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission that includes reducing the size of the department's staff by 1,200, closing 135 facilities and selling more than 740 pieces of equipment.  By 2015, the proposed direction will save $512 million that will be used for vital road and bridge projects.  Bolder Direction

New State Transportation Program Cut in Half

For the past five years, Missouri's state highway construction program has averaged $1.2 billion a year.  MoDOT has presented a new, five-year construction program to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission that's only half that amount -- about $600 million a year.  What does such a sharp decline in funding mean for Missourians?  Transportation Program

kevin keith gets to the point

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith:  Bolder Plan is Necessary

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith gets "To the Point" about why a plan to reduce staffing, buildings and equipment is necessary and what kind of savings it will generate for road and bridge projects.  To the Point

Safer Roads

Missouri Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Underage Drunk Drivers

With prom and graduation season here, Missouri law enforcement officials want to make sure Missouri youth are celebrating safe and sober. Law enforcement will crack down on underage drunk driving through May 13.  Underage

Watch for Motorcycles - May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Motorcyclists and motorists are encouraged to safely "share the road" this May in observance of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Motorists are asked to be on the watch for motorcycles, while motorcyclists are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists.  Motorcycle Month

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Commission Hears New Five-Year Plan for MoDOT

The ball has been put into motion for a Bolder Five-Year Direction for MoDOT.  View Director Kevin Keith's presentation to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission outlining the need and timeframe for the new direction.  Bolder Five-Year Direction

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