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Public Dialogue Under Way Across Missouri To Discuss MoDOT's Bolder Five-Year Direction

Community briefings across the state are now under way to explain MoDOT's recently announced plan to reduce staff, facilities and equipment. The right-sizing actions will save $512 million that will be used for vital road and bridge projects.  Bolder Direction

MoDOT Expedites Motor Carrier Response to Joplin Emergency

As equipment and supplies stream toward Joplin, Mo., MoDOT is working to expedite permits and waive normal fees for large and heavy emergency loads as well as registration and fuel tax permits.  Waiver

Most Highway Construction Will Stop for Holiday Weekend

MoDOT is suspending most highway construction and maintenance work throughout the state this weekend to accommodate an increase in traffic due to the Memorial Day holiday.  Memorial Day

Missouri in Top Five for Measuring Transportation Performance

Missouri is one of the top five states in the nation in using performance measures - such as safety, on-time and on-budget construction projects and improved traffic flow - to show taxpayers how their transportation dollars are being spent.  Performance

kevin keith gets to the point

MoDOT Hosting Community Briefings to Explain New Direction

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith gets "To the Point" about how MODOT staff is hosting community briefings across the state to provide the public with more information about its Bolder Five-Year Direction.  To the Point

Safer Roads

Wear Your Seat Belt

More than 200 Missouri law enforcement agencies are expected to participate in this year's Click It or Ticket campaign that runs through June 5. During last year's campaign, law enforcement officers wrote more than 5,500 seat belt tickets.  Click It or Ticket

Buckle and Win

It’s a proven fact, seat belts save lives. Yet one in four Missourians still don’t buckle up. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety urges citizens to make a pledge to wear your seat belt and be entered to win a $25 Casey’s General Store gas card.  Buckle and Win

Have you seen this

Can You Read the Signs

Have you ever stopped to think where all those highway signs providing you with directions, speed limits and other important information are made?  A new video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at MoDOT's sign shop, the birthplace of each and every sign on Missouri's highways.  Sign Shop

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