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Improving Rural Roads

MoDOT has been working to identify internal cost savings and redirect a portion of those savings to make improvements to the state's rural highways.  In this update, MoDOT Director Kevin Keith gets "To the Point" about the improvements made to Missouri's minor roads in 2010 and what lies ahead for our lettered routes.  To the Point

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New Chair, Vice Chair for Highways and Transportation Commission

Grace Nichols of St. Charles has been elected chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, the six-member, bipartisan board that governs MoDOT.  The former chair, Rudy Farber of Neosho, was named vice-chair.  MHTC

Dave Nichols Named MoDOT Chief Engineer

Dave Nichols was named MoDOT's new chief engineer on March 4.  He has worked for MoDOT since 1984, most recently as director of program delivery.  Nichols

Spring Property Sale Under Way

Much like retail stores that have spring sales to move inventory, MoDOT is holding a sale of its own.  In MoDOT's case, the items for sale are parcels of land the department no longer needs to build, improve or maintain the state highway system.  Realty to Roads  

Employees Show They Care in a Big Way

MoDOT employees showed they care for others in a generous way by contributing the most of all state agencies in the annual Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign. This is the fourth consecutive year MoDOT has been first in giving.  Charitable Campaign

Off the Road News

Steam Locomotive Coming to Missouri May 29

The Little Rock Express was the winner in Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure, which means legendary steam locomotive No. 3985 will make a goodwill tour through Missouri that starts in Kansas City on May 29.  The locomotive will head east through Jefferson City and St. Louis before ending its tour June 9 in Little Rock, Ark. Locomotive

Safer Roads

Never Say Never

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is launching a new campaign, called “Never Say Never,” aimed at getting young people to buckle up.  Never

St. Patrick’s Day Not Lucky for Drunk Drivers

The luck of the Irish runs out on St. Patrick’s Day weekend when motorists drive drunk. More than 200 Missouri law enforcement agencies will take part in a special drunk driving crackdown that will put additional officers on the road. St. Patrick's Day

Have you seen this

What's That Flash?

Flashing yellow arrows are becoming more common throughout Missouri. Have you seen one at an intersection near you? A new video explains the concept and shows them at work.  Flashing

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