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It's Personal

In the next several months, Missourians will be hearing from MoDOT that when it comes to transportation, it's personal. In this update, MoDOT Director Kevin Keith gets "To the Point" about how transportation gets us to and from work, creates and supports jobs and helps Missouri businesses compete economically. To the Point

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Record Snow Storm Cost MoDOT $7.7 Million

The numbers are still rough, but MoDOT says the cost to clean up after the state's historic snow storm three weeks ago is estimated at $7.7 million.  Snow Storm

More Missourians Go Online for Road Condition Information

More people than ever turned to MoDOT’s web, Facebook and Twitter pages for road condition news during the recent historic winter storm.  Online

MoDOT Gives $10,000 Fellowship to MSU Student

James Berglund, a graduate student at Missouri State University in Springfield, is the recipient of a $10,000 MoDOT fellowship.  The donation stems from an award MoDOT received for the diverging diamond interchange at Route 13 and Interstate 44 in Springfield. Fellowship

Off the Road News

Number of Missouri River Runner Riders Continues to Rise

Ridership on Amtrak's Missouri River Runner trains has grown every month, except for May, since October 2009. In January, that pattern continued with a 13.3 percent increase in passengers compared to the same period last year. Missouri River Runner

Safer Roads

Missouri Schools Cash In on Buckling Up

One hundred and thirty-six schools took the Battle of the Belt challenge to buckle up and made it click with students. Battle

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See a TowPLow and Snow Blower in Action

When winter weather hits, MoDOT relies on several key pieces of equipment to clear roads – tow plows and snow blowers.  You can see both of them in action at

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