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Cost Savings Enable MoDOT to Match Federal Funds

In this update, MoDOT Director Kevin Keith explains why MoDOT has to use internal cost savings to match federal funds and why it will get worse, not better, in just a few years. To the Point

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Snow Stats

It was all hands on deck when MoDOT crews battled one of the biggest snow storms ever to hit the state.  See how the early numbers stack up.  Stats

Gov. Nixon Praises Preparation For and Response to Historic Winter Storm

Gov. Jay Nixon thanked MoDOT and others for their preparation for and response to the historic winter storm, which he said made a tremendous difference in returning things to normal in Missouri.   Nixon

Amazing Snow Fighters, Amazing Missourians

Snow storms like the one we just experienced sure aren't fun, but there are moments that make for fond memories. It's a reminder of what great people live in the state of Missouri.  Amazing

Fast Forward for Success
Your link to innovative business, policy and engineering solutions has just arrived! A quick mouse click will connect you to the latest MoDOT research and success stories. FAST Forward

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More Missourians ARRIVED ALIVE in 2010

More people arrived alive on Missouri roads in 2010, the fifth year in a row with a reduction in roadway fatalities.  Currently, the number of fatalities stands at 821 for 2010 - which means 436 lives were saved last year alone. Alive

U txt. Ur next.

Sen. Ryan McKenna has introduced a bill banning motorists of any age from reading, writing or sending text messages while driving.  Texting Bill

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I Told Congress

As Congress begins work on a new transportation bill, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has launched a social media campaign to generate your thoughts about what the priorities should be.  I Told Congress

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