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MoDOT's Goal is to Re-Open Flooded Roads by End of 2011

MoDOT has announced its goal is to get flooded routes open as quickly and safely as possible by the end of 2011.  Flood

MoDOT Uses Hungry Bugs to Combat Noxious Weeds

They are tiny, tireless hungry, and environmentally friendly – except to one invasive weed.  They’re called seedhead weevils, and the Missouri Departments of Transportation and Conservation, along with the University of Missouri – Extension, are using them to help control Missouri's newest noxious weed – spotted knapweed. Bugs

Walk to School Day is a Step in the Right Direction

One step at a time, students at more than 30 schools in Missouri are focusing on the healthy benefits of walking to school. Oct. 5 is International Walk to School Day, and students across the state have activities planned. October is Walk to School Month.  Walk

safer roads

Interstate 44 HEAT Enforcement Results Released

Twenty-three law enforcement agencies provided additional enforcement activity on Interstate 44 from 6 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, through 6 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 18, from Joplin to St. Louis. They were looking for speeding, aggressive and impaired drivers and encouraging motorists to pay attention and buckle up.

Heat is On

MoDOT Wins National Highway Safety Award

MoDOT’s Traffic and Highway Safety Division has been recognized by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association for its work to save lives on Missouri highways.  Award

Can You Do Better?

Hey, high school students! Check out this video working to convince teens to buckle up. It won last year's Battle of the Belt Challenge.  Think you can do better? Show us! Sign up today for the Battle of the Belt Challenge and put your cinematic skills to work.  Battle of the Belt

To the Point

Filling in the Gaps

Work to repair huge scour holes left in state highways in northern Missouri by summer flooding is now under way.  MoDOT Chief Engineer Dave Nichols explains what highway crews are up against and how much it's going to cost.  To the Point

off the road

Amtrak Temporarily Adjusts Missouri River Runner Schedule

Maintenance work on the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to replace ties between Independence and Lee's Summit is causing Amtrak to adjust its schedules until Oct. 8.  Amtrak

Have you seen this?

"Bridge-Jacking" Reduces Impact to Motorists

It's hard to envision a new bridge being virtually slid into place, isn't it?  Take a look at this time-lapsed video that shows work crews building a 670-foot bridge deck on Interstate 44 and then sliding the 2,000-ton addition into place.  It's called "bridge-jacking," and it's an innovation that reduces the impact to motorists.  Bridge

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